According to ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick, the Toronto Blue Jays and 44 year old shortstop Omar Vizquel, who turns 45 in April,┬áhave agreed on a Minor League contract for the coming season, with an invite to Spring Training.

It’s not as bad as guaranteeing a 40 man roster spot, but even a best case scenario means that others who should have done better have failed dramatically. Let’s remember that Vizquel, whose offense and defense have both curtailed in recent years has a career OPS below .700 and a weighted on base average that hasn’t gone beyond .305 in six years.

It’s true that Vizquel will be a good influence on a young team and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, but of all the teams in Major League Baseball, the Blue Jays, armed with the fungo batting skills of one Brian Butterfield, are likely the least neediest when it comes to infield instruction.

Two others rather unimpressed with the signing are presumably Mike McCoy and Luis Valbuena, who will figure to be in competition with Vizquel for the last remaining bench spot on the 25 man roster.

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  2. Word is Teahen got DFA’d, which I presume means Valbuena and McCoy are still in competition for that last bench spot. Unless I missed something along the way.

  3. Crasnick is now saying it’s a minor league deal with an invite to camp.

  4. Former MLB pitcher and New Brunswicker Jason Dickson thinks it’s a good idea :)!/JasonDickson/status/161624411185758209

  5. Somebody needs to take John McDonald’s spot as the terrible hitter with a good defensive rep.

    Maybe some value in his mentoring Escobar/Hechevarria, but I can’t say I’d be heartbroken if he didn’t make the team. Mikey Mac’s gonna need to keep his bags packed, again.

  6. Robbie Alomar is younger…

  7. Even with Jose Bautista on the team, does Vizquel being Hispanic have anything to do with this signing? He may very well be a good influence on Escobar, but I’m thinking more with Adeiny in particular. Maybe just having Vizquel work out with him and mentor him through Spring Training is part of the reasoning here.

  8. I can’t help but think he’ll be the personal coach to Hech down in AAA…but what Hech really needs right now is an adequate bat.

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