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Very interesting stuff from Dan Patrick of “The Dan Patrick Show” via Tom Hardicourt of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: Patrick cites people “involved in the process” that the Brewers slugger and National League MVP might be exonerated after his positive drug test and thus avoid suspension.

Obviously this would be a complete win for Braun, whose reputation might not be unmarked but couldn’t ask for much more after this winter’s revelation.

Then again, Dan Patrick is a guy with a solid reputation but one that is not exactly on the frontlines breaking stories and the like. The Braun story keeps taking these crazy twists and turns, with reports of a personal medical issue standing beside assorted STI rumors and general internet weirdness.

The official word on Braun comes down later this week. Despite the glimmers of hope from Patrick and others, it is hard to imagine the NL MVP escaping suspension in any scenario. Baseball wants to come down on steroids because too many people want to find steroids in baseball. If Braun walks, too many reactionaries will point to his high-profile as reason the he “got off.” Which is fun, right?

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  1. C’mon Braun…just wait for the offseason, head down to Germany and have Doctor Crazy take some of your bone marrow, spin it around, sprinkle in a little HGH for flavour, and reinject it directly into your spine. Let’s see them catch that one in your pee!

  2. I think there should be a segment called “Speculation Station” on somebody’s show..

  3. So Patrick is all like I know something that would change your opinion of Braun, stay tuned and then he’s all like someone told me something but I can’t ACTUALLY tell you what it is but believe me it will change your opinion of Braun. If you can’t come out and say what you think you know than keep quiet. It’s so equivocal to tease the audience this way.

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