Earlier today, I wrote that I would’ve preferred that the Toronto Blue Jays pushed forward to acquire Koji Uehara rather than sign Francisco Cordero to a free agent contract. It ends up that the Toronto Blue Jays felt rather similarly.

According to Richard Durrett of ESPN Dallas, via MLB Trade Rumors, Uehara used a no trade clause in his contract to block a deal that would’ve sent him to Toronto.

The only thing left for all of us to presume is that a bro on bro arm blast between Uehara and Brett Lawrie would’ve resulted in the violent destruction of the earth as we know it. The right handed reliever, with strikeout to walk rates higher than Robert Downey Jr. during his “fun” days, foresaw the potential for this mass destruction and out of fear for humanity, rejected the trade.

I may not always understand you, Koji, but I will always trust in your most excellent pitching and what I can only assume is your equally excellent foresight.