As you may have heard, the big screen-adaptation of Billy Beane’s anti-Semitic POW screed Moneyball (starring Gary Oldman) picked up three Oscar nominations this morning, including one for Best Picture.

This revelation gave rise to the typical amount of twitter scorn and snark. But, rather than wait for the inevitable backlash, twitter’s finest minds just jump right to making fun of the jokes. At the same time, side by side in my timeline. The tail truly wags the dogs now, my friends.

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  2. can you explain the Billy Beane remark? google’s not turning anything up.

  3. What he’s doing is combining all the things that make a movie Oscar worthy, IMO.

  4. I don’t get the “finest mines” part …

  5. I feel like there’s a “Wins Above ‘The Replacements’” joke in here somewhere…

    • Kinda on topic/on a tangent here:

      Has anyone made a list of actors who do a credible job protraying baseball players – by ranking by WAR?

      Shall we crowdsource this?

      Replacement would be defined by any actor that could step in wear a uniform and look he belonged in a baseball film – any suggestions?

      I’ll throw this out say John C. Reilly’s Gus Sinski – Kevin Costner’s catcher in For the Love of the Game is around replacement level – he looks like sorta the catchers from the 80′s era – they don’t look athletic or they belong on the ’92 Phillies.

      I would say for negative WAR – Tim Robbins’ “Nuke” LaLoosh is gotta be there. I’ve only seen trailers, but Freddie Prinze Jr. as a pitcher in Summer Catch is a negative WAR.
      Kenny Powers is definitely a negative WAR.

      • + for Chuck Sheen for both Major League and 8 Men out. One of the few actors who actually look like a player. Redford in the Natural was dece.
        Tommy B should get negative WAR for wearing a fucking skully at the dish in the play in game. Who ever missed that is a moron. Corbon when taking grounders in praccy tries to throw to first hard, but it looks like he throws it 3 rows up behing the 1st base duggie.

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