But you already knew that, didn’t you.

The MLB Network did a great job with their coverage (that they were good enough to stream live on MLB.com last night) and the microsite listing all members of the top 100 list is fun, too. Full statistical breakdowns and little video bios of each player ensure you’re about to blow significant amount of time reading about teenage baseball players.

Matt Moore sits alone at the top with his one-to-one millions of dollars to professional innings pitched ratio and aw shucks charm. Bryce Harper, Mike Trout, Julio Tehran, and Shelby Miller round out the top five.

The Mariners top out Mayo’s prospect points system with five highly-ranked players, though the Padres manage six names in the top 100 list. It is a good idea to be a right-handed pitcher if you want to rank as a top prospect, seeing 20 of them sit in the top 50 alone. Remember this before we have another “Where is all the offense? Must be drugs!” conversation.