Tony La Russa retired as the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals on October 31, 2011. Since that date, comedy on baseball websites has been down by about 87%.

As you might recall, the last of TLR’s 33 seasons resulted in the third World Series title of his career. As you also might recall, it’s tradition that the managers of the two World Series teams from the previous year are given the honour of writing out the lineup cards and receiving threats from other managers over the number of batters their pitchers should face during Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game.

Yesterday, MLB announced that despite his retirement, Tony La Russa will still manage the National League All-Stars this July in Kansas City.

This, believe it or not, has actually resulted in disagreement and foolish phrases like “mockery of the game” being thrown around. Yes, because the credibility of an exhibition game between two inflated rosters full of players who have only had three good months out of an entire career or are only on the roster because a legitimate star feigned injury to get a few extra days of holiday wasn’t damaged enough already by once being brought to a conclusion without a winner.

Nope. It took a side being managed by one of the most successful managers in the game’s history after he had decided to retire to really ruin baseball’s All-Star Game.

Sounds about as reasonable as the Tea Party platform.

For the record, in 1972, the National League All-Stars were managed by Danny Murtagh, formerly of the Pittsburgh Pirates, who had retired following a World Series win in 1971.

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  1. us political joke, awesome

  2. Sounds about as reasonable AS the Tea Party platform.

  3. It’s not a huge deal, but if it was important enough for you to write an article about it, it’s okay for folks to have opinions about it…

    I think it’s the wrong thing. Yes, it’s stupid that the ASG “means something” because of home field in the World Series. But winning the game does indeed mean something. Do we really need questions about whether TLR was “trying as hard” to win the game as Washington might be? By gosh, Tony might use the game as a lark and play the players he likes, and ruin the arms of pitchers he dislikes.

    Okay, that probably won’t happen cause I expect TLR will take it seriously (indeed, probably too seriously), but mark my words, lots will be written about this at the All Star Break (I mean what else do people have to write about at that time…) Why create a potential credibility problem?

    • I don’t think Dustin is writing about the choice of TLR as manager. Rather writing about the idiocy of caring if he’s manager.

      And he’s almost guaranteed to take it seriously. I doubt he’d be vindictive to anybody.

    • Have you ever seen an All-Star Game before? Like really watched it? How seriously Tony LaRussa takes the game should be the least of anyone’s concerns.

      • I’m not really concerned about how seriously he takes it. I just don’t look forward to people creating a controversy about it (it will happen).

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