Ed. Note: It gives me great pleasure to introduce the first in a series of infographics from the mind of the one and only Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball. You can expect to find Craig’s work posted here every other Thursday, or as Mr. Robinson himself described on the most recent edition of FanGraphs audio, fortnightly. Also, Connie Mack is total gangsta. Enjoy!

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  1. The best non-graph infograph I’ve read.

  2. Should this really be a DJF post?

  3. I have a sudden intense thurst for Stella right now

  4. If this wasn’t my favourite baseball blog before, with the addition of Craig, it definitely is now.

  5. Awesome sauce! I love this guy, and have always had his site bookmarked. The following link is is the first work I had ever seen of him, and it had me hooked immediately.


    What a fantastic contributor to add to Getting Blanked!

  6. Awesome.

    Possibly the first baseball-related infographic I’ve seen that would have benefited from the use of scientific notation.

  7. Best thing about Craig is that he’s a brit who fell in love with baseball late in life. Also love the way he has catalogued his hat collection and keeps track of which one he wears each day.

  8. Is there an infographic that shows just how slow of a sports-news day it is for this to be featured on this website?

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