The Giants Sign The Riot

The San Francisco Giants have signed middle infielder Ryan Theriot to a one year contract worth $1.25 million for the coming season. The San Francisco Giants have decided to make Brandon Crawford their starting shortstop, but with all due respect to young Mr. Crawford, a backup is likely to see a lot of plate appearances, and so Theriot will compete with Emmanuel Burriss and Mike “Soft As” Fontenot for that place on the team.

It wouldn’t surprise me in the least for Theriot to not only win backup duties, but also get the chance to start against left handed pitching now and again. Of course, if he doesn’t win the role, and the Giants struggle at any point this season, we can expect the following quote from Theriot:

When I was signed by San Francisco, we hadn’t lost a game. I know that. It is what it is.

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  1. Typical Parkesian sarcasm…

  2. Ah yes, Ryan “Toronto On” Theriot.

  3. This one went over my head…

    • I think it’s playing off of his complaints last year about geting benched by the Cards, and being the better player, even though they had a far better record with The Riot on the bench.

      • I think that it just might be a joke about an awful throw, likely originating in the hand of Mr. Theriot.

        Or I’m giving IMW too much credit. One or t’other.

  4. Drew – I love that you have the same musical past as I do. Great reference for TheRiot.

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