Brandon League is a major league closer. He gets saves. He throws a nasty two-seamer fastball/sinker/splitter that is pretty unique in that he throws (or threw) it 97 miles per hour. He gets saves because it is now his job.

The Mariners want to get League on twitter for any number of reasons. The double-edged sword of ballplayer tweeting is not up for debate here but the Mariners are nudging League towards twitter and asked followers of the @Mariners official account to help create his username.

Asking the general public to use their brains in this style can be dangerous. Today was no exception. Hit the jump for the best and worst of the great Brandon League twitter experiment.

Comments (8)

  1. Oh my God I’m Brandon League.


  2. Why do I not see a “jump”?

  3. I always thought that the fact Brandon League never got tagged as the ‘Pineapple Express’ was far and away the biggest disappointment of his time in Toronto.

  4. I guess HawaiianPunch is a little too on the nose…

  5. The only one that actually made me laugh was yours, Drew. Good one.

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