According to Peter Gammons, free agent pitcher Roy Oswalt told the Cleveland Indians and Toronto Blue Jays that he wouldn’t be interested in pursuing a contract with either club. Instead, the former Houston Astros and Philadelphia Phillies starter will meet with the Texas Rangers today to discuss a deal. He’s also believed to currently be weighing an offer from the St. Louis Cardinals.

Conspicuous by their absence from the Oswalt rumour mongering are the Boston Red Sox, who were believed to be very interested in Oswalt earlier this off season. According to Jon Heyman, the right handed pitcher turned down a one year offer for $10 million from the Detroit Tigers, stating a preference for playing closer to home in the South, which one assumes would also preclude the Red Sox.

Despite declining velocity in his fastball, Oswalt’s revised use of off speed pitches has proven that he can still be a very relevant pitcher. At times last year, Oswalt struggled in Philadelphia, but after coming back from a back injury, he went on to pitch incredibly well,┬ástriking out 51 batters while walking only 15 in 67 and two third innings. He’s expected to sign a deal similar to the one that the Tigers are rumoured to have offered.

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  1. So it looks like Boston ends up:
    a) breaking their budget and overpaying for Edwin Jackson
    b) panicking and trading for Gavin Floyd (let’s hope “Good” Kenny Williams is answering the phone in Chicago that day)
    c) acquiring no one and sitting on the cash they freed up specifically for Oswalt

    * Note: all 3 options include starting Mick Avunto at SS this year.

    At least they’ll have Crawford at 100% to start the season…oh, wait…

    Love it

  2. Ya, well screw you too Oswalt. We don’t want you. Your numbers would play terribly in the AL Beast…

    • It’s hard to fault Oswalt here… by only asking for a one-year contract, he’s basically giving himself free choice of what team he wants to play on next year. Is it really all that surprising that he’s more interested in Texas and St. Louis — both of which are close to his home, and both of which just happened to be in the World Series last year — than in Toronto?

      • My comment was a knee-jerk sarcastic comment. Sorry, should have said so. Just thought this would be assumed. At least 82.5% of the internet is sarcastic now.

  3. I love how as soon as a guy turns down Toronto, he automatically would suck in the East. Guess that ignores that the Jays thought said player would do just fine.

  4. Well at least they can say they tried…

  5. I am actually hoping he goes to Texas, giving them a surplus of SP and a deficit in 1B. AA, already comfortable dealing with Jon Daniels, could then attempt to pry Matt Harrison away from Arlington for something along the lines of Adam Lind.

    • Adam Lind is basically a slightly older version of Mitch Moreland, though. Daniels isn’t the type of GM who’d be swayed by the RBIs and “production” that Lind provided hitting cleanup last year.

    • Lind isn’t recognized nearly enough for his absolute shittiness at the plate.

  6. Well everyone who’s been saying that it would be incredibly pointless to sign any free agent this offseason because the Jays are so far out of playoff contention, it wouldn’t matter anyways, must be pretty relieved this morning. I mean if AA is dumb enough to offer a free agent contract to a pretty solid pitcher, he might as well just ask Jaun Guzman to come out of retirement and join the rotation. Both moves would have the exact same effect on their playoff chances.

  7. See, this is exactly why people need to stop bitching about Rogers and AA not spending on free agents this year. They’re delusional if they think the big names WANT to play in Toronto. They will when the Jays show that they can play with the big kids, but until then, free agents know that they alone won’t tip the balance and are only interested in playing for bona fide contenders like the Tigers and Rangers.

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