Last week, Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista, while speaking at a banquet in the Dominican Republic, told the assembled crowd that he has been tested for performance enhancing drugs on sixteen different occasions during the last two years compared to only three times in the two years before that.

Of course, Bautista, seemingly out of nowhere, has led Major League Baseball in home runs the last two seasons. However, the Blue Jays right fielder doesn’t want it to seem as though he’s complaining about the increased number of tests. On a sports radio station in Toronto yesterday, Bautista clarified his previous comments.

I’m not complaining whatsoever. It’s a question that I was asked so I gave an honest answer. It’s not in my interest to make it seem like I’m getting picked on. I don’t mind it; it’s something that is not going to affect my focus and I’m not going to allow it to affect how I play my game. They are entitled to do whatever they want and test you as many times as they want. If I get picked to be tested a million times, that’s fine with me.

Hardball Talk compares the comments to something that Frank Thomas would have said. And while I have my doubts that Bautista would openly assist a widespread investigation into performance enhancing drug use in baseball, as The Big Hurt did with The Mitchell Report, it certainly isn’t going to harm Bautista’s reputation to seem like a willing subject for drug tests.

Unfortunately, even this stance isn’t likely to limit the lazy speculation of bored sports writers who enjoy coming to conclusions without anything resembling evidence.

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  1. Tom Tango ruminated on this subject in his blog. He quoted another article which informed that in MLB’s drug testing policy, players are subjected to additional tests if they test positive for stimulants.

  2. Joey Bats is high on confidence, let’s see you catch that in a piss cup.

  3. I have a great deal of respect for Frank Thomas for his co-operation. It takes a lot of guts to go against what all your peers say you should be doing, for what you feel is right.

    Then again, I am not sure anyone would mess with Frank Thomas.

  4. actually this kind of information (would be even more impressive were it corroborated by MLB) is EXACTLY the kind of info we need to have. All DC (that’s who you’re referring to of course) had to do was get this info and no one would have freaked. everyone was wondering. no we know.

    it’s a hell of a lot more to know the number of times etc from the horses mouth that the asinine line mike wilner took when he said to jose after the DC article “do you take steroids?” jose says “no” and for wilner that was “case closed”. hahaha what a putz. imagine congress approaching the issue with as much rigour as wilner.

    anyway, whether you like it or not, steroids and PEDs were and are in the game; it’s incumbent on MLB and the players to be transparent (shame on the CBA for its gag clauses) about this issue.

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