When my wife and I bought our first house, we were excited. The home was 15 years old but it was nice and clean and suited our needs nicely. You never know what you’re going to get when you buy a house but, our thinking went, a house that old was something of a known commodity. If the basement was leaky, you could tell. If the foundation was cracked, you could tell.

The day before we moved in, a tech from the telecom giant came over to run cables and the like to ensure this house was internetted and TVed to my high personal standard. This involved tracking/chasing cables through the basement ceiling, protected from view by a (cheap) dropped ceiling.

As he and I lifted panels and followed coaxial cable in the dark, something fell from one of the ceiling panels. It was a plastic 591mL Diet Coke bottle. It was empty except a strange protuberance jammed into the side of the bottle. It looked like a pen except it was all burnt and brown on its exposed end. Weird, right?

I bet this will happen at least three times when prospective buyers are poking through the condo unit formerly rented by two-time Cy Young winner and Getting Blanked Spirit Animal Tim Lincecum. Click this link to view the apartment. Buy it if you have an extra $1.8 million bucks sitting around and are looking to get into the red hot California real estate market.

Hat tip to our friend Wendy from Hanging Sliders/Fangraphs.