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Bunting for Dollars

Mark Teixeira didn’t have a very good season in 2011. Not by his standards (and pay packet), anyway. Tyler Kepner of the New York Times showed in August that the extreme shift Teixeira faces while hitting left-handed caused the Yankees switch-hitter big troubles.

Mark Teixeira isn’t one to take poor performance lying down. Sure, Mark Teixeira makes $23 million dollars a year to hit for power in the heart of the Yankees lineup. Rather than limply smack balls into the teeth of the defense, Teixeira has a plan: bunting.

That is right. At an awards dinner last night, Teixeira told the New York Times of his vow to work on his bunting skills this spring training in an attempt to thwart the overloaded infields he sees during every port side at bat.

Sure, Teixeira is a guy with a career .250 ISO who, by his own admission, hasn’t bunted since his freshman year of high school. Teixeira is getting older now and he realizes it might be time to make key adjustments to stay productive.

How does one capitalize on this new-found dedication to the flaccid arts? By ensuring you are in the Best Shape of Your Life come Spring Training! From the very same NYT piece:

Teixeira…said he had already made another important adjustment this off-season. He lost a considerable amount of weight, he said, by changing to a healthier diet.

Look out, Brett Gardner. Mark Teixeira is gunning for your role. Dropping bunts and dropping pounds. Teixeira is going to earn very last penny of the $23,125,000 the Yankees will ship him in 2012. And 2013. 2014 and 2015, too. Wait, he’s signed through 2016 as well? At $23.125 million per year?! That can’t be right.