Edwin Jackson’s Pay Day passed away yesterday at a very young age with a report that the right handed starting pitcher is most likely to sign a one year contract for the coming season. The death is believed to have been caused by complications due to a combination of waiting too long to sign a contract and a lack of interest from Major League Baseball teams in locking up an average pitcher for multiple years.

Born out of an off season in which there were not a lot of star pitchers available, and further nurtured by the media manipulation skills of agent Scott Boras, Edwin Jackson’s Pay Day seemed as though its life might last as long five years. Unfortunately, its ending was as tragic as it was short. Given what the free agent landscape looks like next off season, with the potential availability of Matt Cain, Zack Greinke and Cole Hamels, it’s unlikely that Edwin Jackson’s Pay Day will ever find the resuscitation it no doubt seeks with a one year contract.

The final nail in the coffin of Edwin Jackson’s Pay Day occurred today with the release of information that the Boston Red Sox, the most likely candidate to keep Edwin Jackson’s Pay Day alive, had only offered a one year deal believed to be worth $5 million or $6 million.

Edwin Jackson’s Pay Day is survived by a 95 miles per hour four seam fastball, a 94 miles per hour two seam fastball, an 88 miles per hour slider and an 87 miles per hour change up. It is predeceased by any notion that Edwin Jackson would ever stay in one place for very long, due to the 28 year old already having pitched Major League innings for six different teams over nine seasons.

A service for Edwin Jackson’s Pay Day will most likely be held in Newport Beach, California, at the offices of the Scott Boras Corporation. It’s expected that a memorial fund will be established for donations at a later date.

Edwin Jackson’s Pay Day: Some stars shine brighter than others. Unfortunately, those are always the ones to burn out first. We’ll remember you.

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  1. Edwin Jackson is above average.

  2. Edwin is indeed above average, but Boras touted him in a league where he didn’t belong, good riddance Edwin and Scotty

  3. Pride cometh before the fall.

  4. AHAHAAHAHAA!! You lose, Edwin.

    AJ Burnett

  5. Funniest thing I’ve read all day.

    Where is that crazy billionaire owner when you need him Mr. Boras? Played the Illitch card already I see. Well, better luck next year.

  6. Jays should sign him 2 years 12 mil. Romero Jackson Morrow nice starting 3

    • I agree with Gav
      Take some of that money you saved on not signing Prince Fielder (which was a good decision by the way – He is just a DH in the AL)
      Can never have too much pitching. And a good starting rotation is absolutely what will be needed to get a wild card spot.

  7. Jackson is not going to sign in the AL beast in a hitter’s park, he wants to recoup value, not destroy whatever little is left.

    • then offer him $28 mil for 4 years, see if he wants to risk another free agency season hearing people say “thanks, but no thanks”.

  8. Wouldn’t a contract around the 1 year 6M mark make him right in Toronto’s wheelhouse?

    Romero, Jackson, Morrow, Cecil, McGowan with the next pitcher inline being Alvarez if anyone goes down?

    One could argue, I suppose, that maybe Jackson would take innings away from pitchers that project further into Toronto’s future. But it could also be argued that some of these pitchers – e.g., Alvarez – would not suffer from having a bit more time in New Hampshire, and that there is more to potentially be lost by bringing them up slightly early than slightly late…

    A worry I have is that Dustin McGowan could be something akin to this year’s Jo Jo Reyes – a pitcher that goes out and under-performs week after week but whom the Jays keep sending out because he’s out of options. If they do pull him from the starting rotation it might be good to have Edwin Jackson already in the rotation so that the team doesn’t have to possibly bring up a young or otherwise unready pitcher (e.g., Drabek, Hutch, Deck). That said, the Jays do have lots of potential options to fill in spots in their rotation if needed – Drabek, Hutch, Deck, Litsch, Villanueva, Perez – but these may just be emergency solutions, not desirable ones.


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