One could say Tommy Hanson (right) looks like a rock star. Not in the co-opted way that everyone and (more generally) their kid sister refers to the term rock star, Tommy Hanson looks like an actual rock star. James Hetfield, if we’re being specific. Maybe a little bit like one of the guys from The Sheepdogs, which I understand to be a band people like.

Here is Hanson looking very much unlike a robot with superstud reliever Jonny Venters at a recent Braves team outing. Tommy Hanson looks great. Venters looks like a blogger, much to his great misfortune.

Photos courtesy of of Spartanburg, SC. Click through for more photos of Tommy Hanson and his beard hanging the hell out. Hat tip to Matt T!.

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  1. Starting to really stretch for material….

  2. Really? I see four legit posts plus the breaking Jackson news and a podcast. One jokey photo post (clearly marked mailing it in) and you’re complaining? Duly noted.

  3. Fair point. Was just expecting more when I clicked on the twitter link. (like an update on health or anything)

    Keep up the good work then.

  4. He looks like the “One Man Rock Band” Heath Slater. ‘Cept with a beard. And Hanson looks like he can actually win a WWE match.

  5. Travis Tritt. repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat repeat.

  6. Fun post, and all, but the resemblance to Hetfield is a tad sketchy. The face has the right look, to a degree, but when we can’t see it and the hair’s so different…

    Yeah, it’s a pretty minor quibble, but a quibble worth quibbling nonetheless.

    • If you squint a little, he kind of looks like Hetfield. He also looks like one of the Bee Gees from the right angle.

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