Evan Longoria, Hero.

That is indeed Evan Longoria of the Tampa Bay Rays telling sports business ghoul Darren Rovell to “get over himself” in hash tag form. There are few things in life more repellent than an oily weirdo like Rovell trying to monetize every single aspect of life. When he lambasted Playboy for not sending the high-end talent to the Playboy Super Bowl Party, many took him to task on Twitter. None more notable than the (Getting Blanked approved) Best Player in the American League.

Congratulations to Longoria for chopping the wee man with the big twitter following down to size. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

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  1. Why is Rovell so famous? I never heard of hiim before Twitter and don’t see the allure. He always looked like a slimeball from his dispplay picutres. I never followed him but people would always RT his stuff.

  2. *display and *pictures

  3. I don’t want to defend a slime ball like Rovell, but what’s the problem with objectifying women whose job is to be objectified?

  4. I tried to find the original tweet but he had made 166 tweets in the last 24hrs. I have trouble believing that that is a normal.

  5. Darren Rovell is a regular guest on FAN590 Prime Time Sports with Bob McCowan on business of sports topics.

  6. He’s also a frequent Humble Bragger, which is how I discovered who he is.

    “On my 30th birthday I played 1 on 1 with Kobe. On my 33rd, I covered the NBA labor negotiations. Like 30 better.”

    BTW if you’re on Twitter and you don’t follow Humble Brag, you NEED to get on that ish.

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