Just in case Toronto Blue Jays fans didn’t already know that if Brett Lawrie played for the Boston Red Sox, they’d hate his guts with a previously unforeseen fury, this is the good ‘ol Canadian boy having a laugh at the expense of a rather unfortunately dressed Phoenix Coyotes fan. Ugh.

From the Twitter feed of his lady friend Paige Brendel.

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  1. that picture looks fake

    • loooool he should do him and see his consequences but you cant blame him for havin a sense of humor

  2. I can see AA shaking his head right now.

  3. “He’s a bastard, but he’s our bastard.”

  4. Love it! Shuolda covered up his ass.


  6. Undershirts. Seriously. It stops plumbers butt 90% of the time.

  7. Lol #jerkball. As long he plays good he can be a douche lol

  8. And this is why I don’t follow him on Twitter – total douche.

    • Except as noted in in the post it is from his girlfriends account. He didn’t post it.

      • He did it did he not? It’s not his fault his gf took it? He did it. It’s poor judgement and makes him look bad as a person, let alone a professional.

        • The only poor judgement I see is the choice of attire sir butcrack wore to the game.

        • seroiusly, we all love brett lawrie. this is hilarious. please dont ruin it for all of us theat have a sense of humor. and its not like the persons name was released anyway

  9. I think it’s funny. God forbid athletes actually have a personality and humour. You should all go watch some hockey interviews, they’ll be more to your liking.

    • It’s inappropriate, but pretty tame compared to some of the shit I did when I was 22. Then again, I didn’t have the potential to make millions of dollars in salary and spokesman/sponsorship deals as part of my five year plan.

    • LOL. OMG is he doing something funny at somebody else’s expense!?!?!?

      Nobody EVER does that. Nobody on this post has ever made fun of anybody else…


  10. my take? he seems nice

  11. Somehow I don’t think this is going to affect future sponsorship deals from companies other than Disney.

  12. Is this fan sitting in the accessible seating area? Clearly he is not in a wheelchair but…

  13. Not a nice thing to do,

    However, dude is 22 and a ball player so oh well. I’ve done way more terrible things than that.

  14. Pineda wouldn’t do something like this!!!!!!!! Another strike against AA.

    • LOL you’re crazy if you think getting Pineda for Lawrie would have been a good trade. I’m sure you are an example of perfection though.

  15. I don’t give a coyote’s ass.

  16. keep in mind that last year everyone was on lawrie’s case about being (edward 40-hands) immature and then he spent a year trying to shed that image.

    all good dialecticians should set off their moral panic alarms NOW…if only to fuel the focus another year.

  17. What’s the big deal? It’s a thumbs UP!

  18. Harmless…they wanted him to mature, not turn into a robot.

  19. Parkes, have you actually gone back and read the stuff you used to post on DJF? I don’t think you should be the one to judge Lawrie here.

    Although I don’t really see the problem myself. This is his personality…I think everybody that’s seen him play and watched him talk knows it. As long as he plays great baseball, let him do what he wants to do.

  20. I can’t believe you guys deemed this worthy of a post, really can’t.

  21. With moves like this one, it’s clear Brett belongs in the AL East.

    Stay classy, Brett!

  22. It’s clearly fake. When have you ever seen a Coyote fan in person?

    • He should have placed a piece of popcorn on his ass to prove it was real. I got a giggle out of your comment though, good one.

  23. The picture of Brett Cecil today on twitter is much more damning:

  24. was he going to insert that thumb somewhere?

  25. Ehhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. As a designer I can tell you that it’s very possible this image is the result of layering another one on top of it with the help of a blend tool. It would require a bit of effort which leaves me skeptical that it is. In any case, it could be fake, not that it is.

  27. You can take the boy out of Langley, but you can’t take the Langley out of the boy.

    He is 22 years old. Big whoop. Most of use would’ve done something similar at that age, especially considering he’s probably had a couple beers. Its not like he partook in dwarf tossing like the English Rugby team during the Rugby World Cup in NZ in September.

    Just repost this whenever the Jays try to claim how great a person Lawrie is. If they never claim that, then who cares. Personally, this makes him more relatable. He is an actual 22 year old kid, just like we all used to be. Surprise!

  28. Come on now! This shouldn’t big a big deal. So he’s making fun of someone’s plumber butt. Who cares?! It’s a pretty innocent photo if you ask me and if that person doesn’t want to be made fun of then he/she (I can’t even tell the gender) should pull up his/her undies or wear an undershirt. There are far worse things that have been posted on Twitter by pro athletes and other famous people. What’s next? Are you going to open a discussion thread on whether or not it’s okay for athletes to post photos of themselves drinking a beer?

    I’m honestly a bit disappointed at The Score for trying to make this into a story. I thought they were supposed to be a much more progressive sports network with a much more liberal attitude than the other major networks. Wake up to the 21st century! Athletes never have and never will be role models. Just let them be themselves and have some innocent fun without trying to censor them.

  29. Parkes is quickly becoming the Damien Cox of the blogging universe. Professional troll.

  30. everyone in the comments section refers to the Yotes fan as a guy…are we sure of this?

  31. And if all the sox players played for the jays, you’d love em. What’s your point fuck face?

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