As incredibly difficult as it may be to believe, the Getting Blanked endorsement doesn’t count for much. Sadly, after throwing the might of our support behind Pat Doran to endure the particularly cruel and unusual punishment of viewing every single baseball game that’s played in 2012 while imprisoned in a New York City condominium unit for the summer, Mr. Doran wasn’t even shortlisted for the job.

Instead, the powers that be at MLB Fan Cave selected these fifty finalists. Out of this collected mire has emerged Ricky Mast, an Atlanta Braves fan, whose promo video actually leaves the viewer wanting more rather than feeling as though the last five minutes of their life have been stolen from then in a viciously cruel manner.

If for not any other reason, a vote for Mr. Mast might result in an extended version of his wonderful Pink Floyd parody, Statistically Dumb.

If not Mr. Mast, this guy could be pretty good:

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  1. Ricky Mast not Nast

  2. The guy is actually creative and entertaining. Best of luck to him.

  3. I really want to dislike this guy, but just can’t do it. Go Ricky.

  4. Gotta stay true to the Blue. I should be there over Sarah Lever (soooo brutal), but Dave Barclay isn’t bad and at least he’s a Jays fan. Vote Dave Barclay… #DaveForCave

    • Wish I could but I’m shaking my head that they were chosen over April Whitzman (@alleycat17), who had enthusiasm, personality and actually attempted creativity. Dave’s not doing it for me, sadly.

    • Sorry I didn’t see your application.

  5. I vote for Ricky Mast!!!!

  6. Petah is funny … but there’s no way he ever gets leied!

  7. If Mast wins this, at least there will be one fewer doing that ridiculous Atlanta Braves chop.

  8. i dunno dunno dunno dunno…

    wins above replacement..


    that was amazing.

  9. I thought it was dunno… About wins above replacement. I woke my wife up at 3 am laughing at that clip again and again. “what is so fucking funny” when I said I dunno dunno dunno about wins above replacement I’m pretty sure she started thinking divorce

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