In the world of blogging, things that deserve something longer than a mere moment of attention are often swallowed whole by the next bit of news to come along. In the rush to fit in as much content as we possibly can, sometimes great pieces of blogging get overshadowed merely because of the timing of what’s posted after it.

It’s the aim of The Nothing Weak About This Week Week In Review (or TNWATWIR, if you prefer) to be something of a senior circuit or an oldtimer’s league, to give the stars of the week’s content one last glimpse of the spotlight before being set free into that big ephemeral wasteland in the sky.

And so . . .


The first pitch that Getting Blanked threw out this week was from the arm of Bill Parker who continued his series of posts comparing baseball teams to children television shows. Seriously. It’s somehow awesome.

Later in the day, Drew Fairservice brought our attention to Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria who quite rightly chastised Twitter hate throb and ugly misogynist Darren Rovell.

Drew then told the tale of poor Howard Megdal, the New York Mets beat reporter who had his media credentials revoked simply because the laughing stock of the NL East didn’t like his reporting.


Earlier this week, the New York Yankees introduced the newest element for the Derek Jeter complimentary gift basket for sexual conquests when they announced plans to release a team branded fragrance. Thankfully, it probably won’t smell anything like the fragrance C.C. Sabathia is known for releasing.

Later in the day, Dustin Pedrioa, of all players inspired some uncharacteristically soft sentimentality about baseball players from yours truly.

The blog’s favourite nom de plume The Common Man compared Roy Oswalt to Fatty Arbuckle, while actually making sense.

Finally, we closed the day off on Tuesday with a photo of the one and only Canadian Jesus, Brett Lawrie, giving the thumbs up to plumbers. It’s such an honourable trade.


Hump day got started on the right foot with an examination of what batting average for balls in play means for hitters in comparison to pitchers. We then went a step further to look at the specific case of Colby Rasmus where we found some particular areas of need for the Toronto Blue Jays center fielder.

Our fond friend Drew then stopped by in written form to tell us that despite all the laughable things that the L.A. Dodgers have done this off season, they probably got something right with the recent contract extension for Clayton Kershaw.

Getting Blanked’s resident jersey and logo expert Chris Creamer caused some great conversation in the comments section with photos from his trip back into baseball past where he found several pictures of baseball legends wearing the “wrong” uniform.

We closed out Wednesday with a simple request: bring us the rotting corpse of A.J. Burnett’s career. Surprisingly, the much maligned pitcher might still have something to offer.


Yesterday, we found out that Dennis “Oil Can” Boyd was high on coke the night before two thirds of his starts. Quelle surprise!

Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball brought his unique talents to Getting Blanked with a beautiful infographic explaining when and where free agents signed this off season. Robinson’s work will be appearing every other Thursday throughout the season.

Matt Klaasen brought his always astute analysis to the New York Yankees off season, examining which available left handed bat would best serve the team’s needs, before coming to the conclusion that Russell Branyan is a bit of a creep.

We closed out the day with our 42nd podcast, where Drew spoke with Eno Sarris of FanGraphs and other awesomeness about fantasy baseball. T’is the season.

You can download the podcast directly or stream it with Quicktime right here.


Proving that Getting Blanked is THE place for hard hitting baseball journalism, we informed our readers this very morning that Kevin Youkilis was set to marry Tom Brady’s sister. And no, I am not referring to Wes Welker.

Getting Blanked then decided to eschew its loyalty to locality and fully endorse Atlanta Braves fan Ricky Mast for the MLB Fan Cave competition. The support is almost entirely due to his Pink Floyd song parody called “Statistically Dumb.” He’s just so darn likeable.

To bring us home for the weekend, Drew put his Baseball Reference Play Index subscription to good use to tell us about the importance behind the durability of a starting rotation. Speaking of starting rotations, he also examined the good and the bad of A.J. Burnett’s impending move to Pittsburgh.

And there you have it. Enjoy some bonus Getting Blanked coverage over the weekend with Mr. Upstart Travis Reitsma taking the weekend editor’s helm and supplying you with a steady stream of baseball links.