Ultimate Astros, Indeed

Everything about the Houston Astros right now borders on Greek Tragedy. Sure, their newly-formed squadron of geniuses provide reason for hope in the future. Unfortunately, that future remains a long, long, long way away.

They have zero on-field talent. Their farm system is fallow. They’re moving into the American League. They’re trying out Brett Wallace at third base, for the love of everything holy!

Pity the poor fools charged with covering this team. Realize the following headline for the Houston Chronicle’s Ultimate Astros blog is probably the highlight of their year.

Astros May End up Thanking the H1N1 Virus for this Pitcher

Yes. You read that correctly. The Astros managed to sign a high school pitcher as an undrafted free agent after his senior season was canceled due to the swine flu outbreak. Rejoice!

Pitcher misses season but big league team stays in contact. Player signs with team (after going undrafted.) Player slowly climbs his way through ramshackle minor league system. The 15th best prospect in the 26th best farm system in baseball. The Swine Flu Feel-Good story of 2012. Your Houston Astros, everybody.

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  1. Oriloles of the West…

  2. ” squardon of geniuses ” is my new band name.

    • hmmm..I know I’m a troll and all but what is a squardon? And is a squardon of geniuses at all related to a ship of foobs?

  3. I think following is on-topic (re: Astro’s awful minor-league system).

    Assuming the Jays are in the mix by the end of June (by that I mean that the team is within striking distance of a wild card), should AA make an effort to pry Wandy Rodriguez? (he’s got $23M guaranteed for 2012 & 2013 w/ club option for 2014 @ $14M).

    Given those salary parameters, I wouldn’t think it would cost much in terms of prospects.

  4. I believe the club option becomes a player option or guaranteed if he’s traded though.

  5. Could very well be (and if that is the case, it might muddle the waters). The Astros are looking to shed salary and Wandy Rodriguez is an obvious starting point. He’s been durable the past few seasons and has posted decent numbers:

    2009: 205 IP – 8.45 K/9 – .302 BABIP – 3.02 ERA – 3.54 FIP
    2010: 195 IP – 8.22 K/9 – .303 BABIP – 3.60 ERA – 3.50 FIP
    2011: 191 IP – 7.82 K/9 – .289 BABIP – 3.49 ERA – 4.15 FIP

  6. I’m kinda shocked how little interest teams have in Wandy. I mean if 4 teams are interested in the rotting corpse of a.j. burnett, how is no one interested in a guy who’s velocity and peripherals arn’t going down the tube.

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