While the thirteen home runs that Ricky Romero gave up in his eleven losses last season might be a stick in his craw, I’m going to go ahead and worry more about the inches by which he missed when he fell behind in the count or when he walked almost 9% of the batters he faced last season. Of the 26 home runs Romero gave up in 2011, only three came while he was ahead in the count.

Baseball. Coming soon.

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  1. Correct me if i’m wrong but, wouldn’t you rather give up a walk instead of a homerun?

  2. I apologize for not giving a fuck about true pitch selection and execution analysis in a TV promo video.

  3. How dare the Blue Jays try marketing themselves to fans who don’t spend all day reading Fangraphs.

  4. I agree with Ricky Romero.

  5. stats aside, pretty awesome commercial

  6. Was this directed by Christopher Nolan?

  7. Hey Parkes, if it was up to you, would the Jays slogan be “Hustle and xFIP 2.90″?

  8. The Parkes script for Romero’s lines in this commercial:

    “Watch closely. Can you see it? Can you see the inch? I lost 11 games last season. In those 11 games I walked nearly 11.73% of batters faced. That’s almost 3% more than in games I won. For each of those walks I missed my spot by one lousy inch. What does that inch mean to me? It means a chance at lowering my park adjusted fielding independent pitching metric by 0.27 runs per game. It means a chance at a season valued at more than 5 wins above replacement on fangraphs.com. It means everything. This year I’m taking that 2.73% back. I’ll be ready (with my calculator), will you?

  9. First of all, I’m pretty sure he was talking about team wins not pitching wins because his next utterance is about the playoffs not his fucking stats. Either way, pitching wins actually DO matter to pitchers, for obvious financial reasons.

  10. A commercial like this would have worked great with Roy Halladay a few years back.

  11. Why you haff to be mad? It only a game!


  13. awesome commercial. Romero got that fire son.

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