According to ESPN’s Buster Olney, the Boston Red Sox and David Ortiz have reached a compromise ahead of what was scheduled to be today’s arbitration hearing. Boston will pay Big Papi $14.575 million for the coming season, which is exactly the midpoint between the designated hitter’s requested $16.5 million and the Red Sox original offer of $12.65 million.

Over the weekend, Travis Reitsma did a great job at outlining the cases that each side would’ve made during the arbitration hearing, noting that Ortiz would argue he deserved a raise based on putting up great numbers last year to go along with his extensive MLB service time. Boston would have countered by comparing the slugger to other designated hitters who make much less than him while simultaneously suggesting that if he could have made $16.5 million on the open market, he would have done so.

Most pundits favoured the Red Sox under such a scenario, but personally, it would be hard for me not to want to give a raise to a baseball player, even one with a limited role, who performed as well as Ortiz did last year putting up a .953 OPS and .405 wOBA, the seventh highest in all of baseball last season.

Only six potential arbitration hearings remain: Alexi Casilla ($1.75 million) of the Minnesota Twins ($1.065 million), Casey Janssen ($2.2 million) of the  Toronto Blue Jays ($1.8 million), Adam Jones ($7.4 million) of the Baltimore Orioles ($5.0 million), Garrett Jones ($2.5 million) of the Pittsburgh Pirates ($2.25 million), Casey McGehee ($2.725 million) of the Pittsburgh Pirates ($2.35 million) and Jose Veras ($2.375 million) of the Milwaukee Brewers ($2.0 million).