In the long list of things for which I have no explanation, the Baltimore Orioles signing Kevin Gregg last off season to a two year deal worth $10 million ranks somewhere between the colour of Sammy Sosa’s skin and why I still go to movies starring Denzel Washington with an expectation to be properly entertained.

It therefore comes as no surprise that the OriLOLes would not only be shopping Gregg just over a year later, but would also be willing to pay for a chunk of the $5.8 million (!) that they owe him for this coming year, according to Roch Kubato of MASN Sports.

Gregg had the sixth worst walk rate among relievers in baseball last season en route to posting below replacement numbers according to FanGraphs and Baseball Prosectus. To any team interesting in acquiring Gregg, I’d ask them to take a brief look at the best right handed reliever that they currently have on the bubble for making the opening day roster. The next five pitchers after him on the depth chart are likely better options than Kevin Gregg no matter how much salary the Orioles are willing to eat.

As always, image courtesy of Matt English, whose fine work you can support by buying a T-shirt.

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  1. You leave denzel out of this. What did he ever do to you?

    • He did Safe House to me last night.

      • I made the same mistake. What an awful, awful movie.

      • haha. I learned my lesson with Inside Man.

        • I think the last one I liked of his was Man on Fire, or the one where he was a counter-terrorist CIA spook and had to face off with General Bruce Willis. (The Siege).
          Low-budget modest expectation Denzel (Spike Lee films) beats high budget, high expectation Denzel (Book of Eli, Out of Time) every time. There’s a baseball sabermetric comparsion to be made there somewhere but I can’t be bothered.

  2. I totally just purchased an Oriloles shirt! I will be wearing it anytime I see a Tor-Bal game.

    • Hell yeah, 9 more shirts purchased and I’ll have enough to buy a domestic beer at a game!

      • What sold me was how low the shipping was. I was undecided about the awesomeness of your designs until then. Keep up the great work!

  3. If this was a 35+ year old middle infielder, I would say Ned and the Dodgers would be all over this.

    Alas, it is a 35+ year old middle reliever, so I would say that the Orioles are most likely to trade Gregg back to themselves….at a loss….

  4. The fact that we got a sandwich pick and a 2nd rounder for Gregg and Rauch almost makes watching the bullpen the past 2 years bearable and shows how far ahead AA is over many GM’s.

  5. Was going to say something about how weird and potentially offensive it is to make that comment about Sammy Sosa’s skin colour, and then I did a Google image search for “Sammy Sosa”. I can’t explain it either.

  6. That graphic is priceless.

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