Javy Valentin Day, Everybody!

Throughout the day at Getting Blanked, we’re going to be sharing our special Valentine’s Day cards with you. If you want to send a dedication out to somebody that you love with a baseball themed Valentine’s Day card, send it to me via email at dustin.parkes@thescore.com or link to it in the comments below, and we’ll make sure it gets seen on the blog today.

For more examples of past MLB Valentine’s Day cards, as well as this year’s submissions, continue reading after the jump.

Here are some of the glorious wonderments of love that we’ve received so far.

From our main man Sam, whose Darren Rovell level of misogyny is  only saved by the presence of Peter Gammons:

This picture represents all the productivity that Ryan Bored At Work is capable of today:

From Getting Blanked’s favourite commenter, J. Paquin, comes some man on man-child love, which is legal in most states:

And then, a personal Valentine’s Day card involving yours truly from none other than Captain Latte. And I thought my man crush on Madison Bumgarner was creepy enough already.

We’ve even got some participation from a good natured Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star:

Not to be outdone, Jamie F. stands in proxy for Drew Fairservice to give us a special dedication to Mike Stanton:

Upping the creepiness factor just a little bit, Meredith mixes cartoons into her should-be-private Brandon Morrow fantasies. I wish this was titled Morrowmance.

It’s going to be a long season in Houston, but Valentine’s Day cards like this one from Sara W. will hopefully remind Astros fans of better days.

And for all the lovers on the West Coast:

And finally, the winner of the Javy Valentin Day Card Exchange, brought to us by Miranda, who draws on the colour red, things I don’t quite understand and Kelly Gruber to produce a very successful celebration of a holiday that was likely just made up by the baseball card companies (joke credit to FunTimeInternet friend, Dave Hodgson).