Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, is polling its readers today, asking how Jeremy Lin’s game winning basket against the Toronto Raptors last night compares to Joe Carter winning the World Series for the Toronto Blue Jays with a home run in 1993. Seriously.

For the sake of clarity, Joe Carter’s home run won his team the World Series, while Jeremy Lin’s basket put his team one game under .500.

Perspective. It’s a hell of a thing.

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  1. Inconceivable is that right now 23% of responses are for Linès shot, which I’d put at the bottom of that list.

    • How the hell is that the 2nd best moment?

      He hit a buzzer beater than beat the home team. Who cares???

  2. In this day and age I wouldn’t be surprised in Lin wins.

    By the way was AA in the stands last night? I wonder how the Asian population of Toronto would have taken to Durvish?

  3. Yeah but the Iranian population is off the hook

  4. This comment relates to both this post and the earlier post where the ESPN personality didn’t recognize A-Gon..

    Fact: Up until yesterday when the Canadian media exploded with stories about Lin, I had never heard of him. I didn’t know what team he played for…. Didn’t even know what sport he played.

  5. Also he is taiwan descent born in LA.

    • Chinese people say Taiwan is part of China. Taiwan doesn’t agree, but the country is too small to win the debate.

      • Taiwan has a killer military though, almost better than China

      • Culturally the same, politically separate.

        Taiwanese politics would be tl;dr to summarize here.
        Simply put some Taiwanese want independence, some want re-unification and rest wants the status quo.

        • yeah, culturally the same as long as you omit the people’s revolution., just a minor blip in Chinese cultural.

    • Doesn’t stop the Chinese, especially Chinese Canadians, from loving a basketball version of Joey Bats

  6. And it wasn’t even for a Toronto team, either.

  7. The combination of “desperate to be remotely a part of something momentarily big in the U.S.” and “desperate to latch onto a guy who’s sorta kinda part of my race/ethnic group” factors that pervade this town can make it pretty sickening and embarassing to be a sports fan here sometimes…

    as a fan of all teams Toronto, it was annoying to watch hometown fans (particularly of a certain background) fall all over themselves to hop on the Knicks bandwagon…as a Jays fan it’s nauseating to have that NOTHING moment even mentioned in the same article as Carter’s HR…

  8. Can they do that? I mean Vince-anity was already part of basketball was it not?

  9. in a day in age when people can and will post on the internet “who is arcade fire/paul mccartney/bon iver?” instead of, y’know…using the internet to answer that question in 2 seconds…nothing should be shocking. ‘f’n google searches: how do they work?’

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