Adam Schefter is a NFL guy for ESPN. He has more than 1.3 million twitter followers. He, apparently, doesn’t know who Adrian Gonzalez. That’s weird, sort of.

Adrian Gonzalez will hit his 200th career home run this season. He makes around $22 million dollars a year. He was the cover athlete for MLB12 The Show. He plays for the Boston Red Sox. That someone didn’t recognize him was probably pretty weird for him. too.

Maybe this brief interaction causes Adrian Gonzalez to question everything he does, from his offseason workouts to blaming ESPN for the Red Sox collapse? If a key ESPN staffer doesn’t even know who you are, can it really be their fault? Maybe Adrian can focus on what Adrian needs to do, after this humbling interaction.

Congratulations, Schefter. You really cut Adrian Gonzalez down to size.

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  1. Slow news day? geez

    • Can we just agree that every fuckin’ day this month is a slow news day and just enjoy the off-beat news ride that is February on a baseball blog?

  2. When your hiding behind hats, helmets, sunglasses and usually just a small person in a group of people all dressed the exact same as you I doubt you would be able to name a player when you see them in casual wear (or non uni’s).I would probably only recognize maybe 3 or 4 Blue Jay’s if I saw them on the street. Plus he is a football guy. Would any of you recognize Steven Stamkos, Carmelo Anthony, Drew Brees or whatever high profile athlete that doesn’t play baseball if they came into the Score?

  3. Whothefuck is Adam Schefter?

    Check. Mate.

  4. Adam Schefter is a great reporter but when he starts giving his opinion I want to punch him in the throat.

  5. One year does not overcome a career of East Coast bias, apparently.

    Though, to be fair, if I met an NHL superstar on the street – aside from Alfredsson, Crosby, maybe the Sedins – there’s a 90% chance I wouldn’t have a clue who it was.

  6. I remember walking out of work (I used to be in the RBC building that’s right next to Sky Dome) and thinking to myself…Jeez Americans are fat. There were a whole bunch of massive people taking photos and standing around pointing at the CN Tower.

    Then I saw Andre Reed giving an autograph and realized I was looking at the Buffalo Bills plus wives who were in town years ago doing one of their pre-season games.

    With out him I ‘d have have no recognition at all so I can easily believe it for helmeted sports, less so for baseball.

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