Adam Schefter is a NFL guy for ESPN. He has more than 1.3 million twitter followers. He, apparently, doesn’t know who Adrian Gonzalez. That’s weird, sort of.

Adrian Gonzalez will hit his 200th career home run this season. He makes around $22 million dollars a year. He was the cover athlete for MLB12 The Show. He plays for the Boston Red Sox. That someone didn’t recognize him was probably pretty weird for him. too.

Maybe this brief interaction causes Adrian Gonzalez to question everything he does, from his offseason workouts to blaming ESPN for the Red Sox collapse? If a key ESPN staffer doesn’t even know who you are, can it really be their fault? Maybe Adrian can focus on what Adrian needs to do, after this humbling interaction.

Congratulations, Schefter. You really cut Adrian Gonzalez down to size.