Oh Canada, Where Imports Cost Less

Please pardon the first couple paragraphs of self indulgence. I felt as though I needed to explain my motivation for writing this post before, you know, actually writing this post.

Sometimes in the comments section of a particularly contentious post, someone will attempt to insult me by suggesting that I’m not a journalist. It’s true. I’m not. And nor would I ever want to be confused with one. I enjoy writing about baseball and things that have to do with baseball. I’m not so sure I’d enjoy having to report about baseball or things that have to do with baseball. That’s what makes me a blogger and not a reporter.

What I love about blogging is that I don’t have to pretend to be objective. I can openly and honestly root for the Toronto Blue Jays or the San Francisco Giants or individual players that I like to watch. That’s not to say that my analysis in general always favours my favourite teams and players, it just means that when I write about Pablo Sandoval and the ridiculous concerns over contention between him and Bruce Bochy, I can let you know my obvious bias at the beginning of my post.

I’m a fan of the game first and foremost. And I write from this perspective. Which is why I find things like this upsetting.

This is how much a replica Jose Bautista Blue Jays jersey would cost me if I were to purchase it online through Jays Shop, the official online shop of the Toronto Blue Jays:

Notice the size? The small was the only size available.

Here is the cost of the exact same jersey ordered through MLB.com’s shopping site:

Notice the size? The small was one of eight sizes available.

Notice the total cost? That’s a $36.71 difference, assuming par, even though one Canadian dollar, at the time of writing is actually worth $1.0038 U.S.

A Toronto Blue Jays fan noticed this vast difference and alerted the Jays Shop via email. He received a courteous reply assuring him that:

We are currently working on analyzing the price differences of similar products within the two websites due to the soar of the Canadian Dollar. Prices are not adjusted right away, but will be adjusted accordingly once we have completed our research.

The soar of the Canadian dollar? In order to justify the price difference solely on currency exchange, the Canadian dollar would have to be worth almost exactly $.80 U.S. The Canadian dollar hasn’t been worth that little since April 1st, 2009.

The email goes on to suggest that additional charges may be applied to a package going through customs. However, having ordered several things online in the past from the United States, additional charges from what I originally pay has never once been part of my experience.

The email continues:

Another factor in the difference in pricing between the two websites is the buying volume advantage for MLB. The MLB websites (for all 30 teams) are able to purchase more product from suppliers, who in turn, are able to offer them lower prices. Since the Blue Jays are the only Canadian team and we are the Official Online Team Shop in Canada, we have less volume than the 30 teams combined. So our costs are higher.

A Blue Jays representative offered a similar line of justification for the higher prices:

We are required to get our product from Major League Baseball official suppliers, which of course are based in the US. For us to stock our stores and have availability on-line we must have the product shipped here in advance. The difference in price from the US on-line store arises from the additional freight, duty and customs charges we pay up front, which in turn gives us a higher cost for the same product.

Unfortunately, the explanation comes off more like a plea: We have worse service, worse selection and higher prices, but please buy from us anyway because we can’t help it. Under these terms, online purchasing through Jays Shop is completely dependent on suckers, unaware of lower prices on another website.

I don’t understand why the team would bother operating independently from MLB at all with its online merchandise. The consumer certainly doesn’t benefit financially from this practice, and without giving specific numbers, I was told that even though merchandise revenue is split between all MLB teams, the Blue Jays receive more money from merchandise sales via Jays Shop than from MLB.com. However, the amount is hardly substantial.

According to the Blue Jays, the value add of shopping online through Jays Shop is in the customer service end. The website is focused solely on one team while MLB.com services fans of all thirty clubs. The selection available online may not be fantastic at the moment, but that has more to do with the rebranding this off season than it does standard operations.

Yesterday morning, I attempted to call the customer service representatives at Jays Shop to ask about the price difference. The line rang six times before going to voice mail. The service asked me to leave my name and number, and someone would get back to me as soon as possible. I complied, but have yet to hear back from them. Fortunately, I had the contact information for the Blue Jays representative I’ve quoted throughout this piece. He was quick to offer responses to my questions, suggesting that a consumer could very well find cheaper prices online through MLB.com, but that they’d be taking a chance in terms of customer service and potentially paying additional fees due to traveling through customs.

I don’t think that there’s anything malicious going on here, and I certainly wouldn’t suggest that the current online sales method that Jays Shop is practicing is a cynical cash grab. It’s more of an oversight, which normally can be forgiven. It’s just that this kind of oversight is more intolerable for a franchise that’s been very good at making its intentions known, but somewhat lacking in seeing those intentions come to fruition.

We’ve heard time and again from the Blue Jays front office about its primary goal of becoming a first class organization. This off season has generated a lot of negative sentiment from the more casual baseball fans in the city and across the country who expected the team to spend on free agency in a fashion that quite honestly didn’t make a whole lot of fiscal sense. While the woe is me claims of mistreatment by fans may have been misdirected in that case, ripping supporters off through a very accessible point of contact to the team isn’t exactly the most consumer friendly of practices, and should certainly, for once, give supporters a righteous cause to complain.

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  1. Pick up the phone and call Beeston. He told you to.

    • Agreed. Beeston should be able to respond to the price differences. It is amateurish .

      There are custom fees if you order from the USA. \i have been dinged a few times , so its possible that ordering through the MLB will result in higher prices.

      • Beeston would just look into it, tell us that they’ve been discussing ways of fixing it (and that they’ve heard that some high-end free agents don’t want to sign with them because of this problem), and then later say that it most likely will never be changed and his original comment was merely speculation.

  2. Weren’t you at the SotF? They were 50% off! I agree though it’s absurd. The only thing I can think of is that the Jays shop offers a much greater selection of player jerseys.

  3. I did the same thing a couple of months back. Instead of spending $180 for a Bautista jersey at the Jays Shop, bought it online through MLB shop, when they had a promo for 15% off plus a promo code discount. With the exchange and international shipping charges I still only ended up paying $125 CDN.

  4. Just for anyone’s info, it suggests their might be duty charges applicable but that’s only if the merchandise you purchase is manufactured outside of North America. I believe all jerseys are made in USA.

    • No duty charges on they jersey i got.

    • i order a lot of stuff from the states and i consistently receive duty charges at the border regardless of country of origin.

      • I have also had this problem. The key is to know someone in the USA (Buffalo area?) and ship it to them. But that adds an extra layer of complication.

      • I have also been charged Duty on a purchase from the US. Really caught me off guard. The total cost of the 2 t-shirts I bought was $50, but the Duty charges were something crazy like $25

  5. The real question Parkes is: why white over the blue (alternate)?!

  6. I got mine for $40 on Kijiji

  7. My fiancee’s family lives in Wisconsin, so I just make a point of ordering from the US shop, and having them ship it to me as a ‘gift’. Canada Customs lets anything in duty-free up to $60 in value individually if it’s person-to-person. If you order direct from MLB’s website, you’ll likely get slapped with an 18% tariff on apparel, and depending on who’s shipping it and/or handling the customs clearance, could be even more.

    If the shipping invoice doesn’t list a country of origin for the jersey, they’ll declare it US-made and void the duty. If it says Indonesia, cha ching.

    • In my experience it’s closer to $60 than $50, but, yes, this is otherwise exactly correct.

      On the $140 jersey from the US, you could expect to pay enough to bring them close to, if not exactly at, par.

  8. I should be posting with my twitter handle, yay twitter!

  9. I agree the price difference is silly. I will give support to their claim about duty. I ordered once from MLB.com and the duty and handling fee when it got to my door was $30.

    Most consumers who are aware of the price difference will just buy from the U.S. on their next trip down. If you want to save money here, I’m sure prices on hats are much cheaper at Lids, Champs, etc. I know the player t-shirt jerseys are $34.99 at the stadium or on their site. Most other teams/stadiums have these much cheaper.

  10. Here we go again. To summarize:
    Apparently the people who wanted the Jays to spend money on free-agency were the less knowledgeable fans.
    Serious fans realize there was not one free-agent other than Darren Oliver that made any sense for the Jays.
    Obviously, the difference in uniform prices is the ONLY legitimate thing for fans to complain about.
    I respect the author for stating “What I love about blogging is that I don’t have to pretend to be objective” at the beginning of his article.

    • I love how Parkes thinks he knows enough about Rogers’ (and the Blue Jays’) bottomline to suggest that spending more money to win doesn’t make fiscal sense.

      • I love how you guys pretend not to be morons.

      • Here we go go again. The Jays had a chance to be competitive for a playoff spot in 2012 by signing Darvish or Fieler. AA himself acknowledged he wanted a starting pitcher & middle of order bat.

        He could have got Ortiz for 2 year at less than 30 million if he wanted to protect Bautista & didn’t want to invest in Fielder.

        Instead we are stuck with Edwin who can’t play in the field & is prone to very long cold streaks.

        He has been tried with the jays since 2009.

        I can see that AA is trying to get a cheap DH who can use a glove without causing chaos, although his errors last year were atrocious.

        Shi davidi said that 2012 is play the hometown kids year as opposed to getting reclamation projects from other organizatioons as was done last year & in 2010.

        This is an improvement, but everyone knows, that Cecil , Alvarez & McGowan are risky as 3,4,5, starters.

    • @shoog. +1 for your post.

      reporters or bloggers, it doesn’t seem to matter. they both like losing and would rather have tidy balance sheets than a winning ballclub.

      makes no sense to me. but i guess that’s what makes me a casual fan.

  11. So you don’t want to go to the MLB shop cause there will be a small chance of additional charges?
    Instead go to the Blue jays shop where there’s 100% chance of an additional $36.71.

    I was wondering why the jerseys were $200 bucks

  12. This organization is always finding new ways to screw its fans.

  13. If you can, choose shipping by USPS to avoid taxes, duty, brokerage fees, etc.

  14. I can back up the claim that the customer service from the Jays Shop is stellar. I bought the wrong sized hoodie (Majestic hoodie, ’47 Brand size) and they shipped the correct size the day the received the old one and it arrived the next day, free of charge.

    Another reason to buy from the MLB shop is the selection is different. Same for the HoF shop.

  15. Robbers never ceases to amaze me. Always trying to squeeze that last couple dollars out of you. Ted would be a very happy man if he were alive today, the spirit of Robbers is as high as it’s ever been!

  16. find it strange that the selection is so different on the Jays site as well, I can purchase a Toronto Blue Jays Knit Track Jacket by Nike on the US site but not on the Canadian site

    bought one , got it posted to Scotland as going home in a few weeks all for $50 as it was on special.

    you would think that every item of Jay’s merchandise would always be available on the Canadian site with less on the US site rather than the other way around

  17. minorleagues.com – The only place I’ve seen low crown 5950s available online and at much less cost than anywhere else. I bought two hats a few weeks ago and paid about $50 including shipping. I realize this sounds like an ad, but this is the cheapest place to get the basics. No player jerseys though.

  18. I noticed this too on this past Black Friday. The MLB shop absolutely destroyed Jays Shop for prices. I ordered 2 t-shirts and 2 BP Hats (neither of which have arrived yet because I’m fairly sure they don’t exist yet) from MLB and just for fun compared the prices at Jays Shop and after all was said and done it would have been over 100 dollars more to go through our lovely domestic store. Needless to say, this wreaks of bad vectoring from the Jays Shop.

  19. Good work Parkes. This is good to know.

  20. To be completely honest, all the Jays’ official reasons are complete garbage. Last time I was in Tampa Bay, you could buy a official replica Rays jersey in Wal-Mart for $28. Wal-Mart operates on that type of clothing on a 20% overhead, so you’re looking at a base cost of about $22. Given Wal-Mart can milk every drop of surplus from its suppliers, you can safely assume the per unit cost, once you factor in shipping, is around that price.

    There’s no excuse not to eat the customs and shipping costs if you’re the Jays Store, other than being greedy. At $150, it’s a 500% mark-up from the MLB store. And I have a feeling the mark-up isn’t just being applied to the base cost, but also the shipping (which should be marginal for any kind of worthwhile operation) and the customs (it’s not like NAFTA is a free trade agreement or something…). There’s no way the per item cost for ordering it from suppliers is in the range of $30. There wouldn’t be any cross-boarder trade at all.

    Also, it should be noted that I’ve ordered from MLB.com before and there were no problems whatsoever.

  21. The one time you might run into excessive fees for things crossing the border is if you use UPS Ground shipping. Then you get smacked with “Brokerage Fees” which will make your shipping cost more than the original item. If ever given the choice, pay the extra up-front cost of Worldwide Expedited shipping. I don’t know if it applies to MLB’s shipping options, but it’s a rude slap in the face when UPS shows up at your door with a COD form.

  22. In the past, the duty/custom fees I’ve incurred when ordering from MLB.com make purchasing from JaysShop cheaper. Perhaps times have changed.

    The last time I bought from MLB.com I wanted to avoid these fees so I contacted the Blue Jays who offered to order the items themselves and have me pick them up in person, bypassing the expensive border costs. Very nice of them to do.

    Secondly, don’t waste your money on a replica – the new replicas are essentially the same quality as a $129 t-shirt… what I’m saying is just get a t-shirt instead. Authentic jerseys are much more expensive, but worth it for the upgrade in quality.

    • I don’t know about other people, but I just find the length of the authentic shirts to be too much, especially since I usually ride a bike to the game. It just seems to make enough of a difference.

      That said, you’re completely right about the quality of the logo making it worth while. I’d pay more to get the sizing of the replica shirt with the quality of the authentic.

      • Ya i stayed away from the authentic because of the extreme length as well.

        Nothing says classy like tucking a jersey into a pair of jeans.

  23. Great piece, Dustin.

    I REALLY wish that Jays fans took this summer as an opportunity to channel their frustrations at something other than Fielder. Trusting AA to run the club but speaking out against things where their opinion actually matters could’ve at least brought light to some of concerns true fans have when going to the Rogers Centre. The ridiculous high concessions prices, the unfriendly staff, the inappropriately timed Adams Family theme that continues to get play….etc. etc. It’s a business but one that continues to neglect their clients. Fans have the right to express their opinion regarding what team the front office fields, but they also have the right to do nothing with that information. However, that shouldn’t be the case in terms of customer relations because those issues can be managed with attention and effort and don’t require a large financial commitment to do so appropriately.

    The State of the Franchise was an opportunity to explain why things off the field need to change just as well as on the field for the club to get back to being an organization that sets the gold standard, like the team has expressed interest in achieving. It sucks that didn’t happen.

    I love baseball, the city and the team….but the ‘Rogers Dome’ isn’t a fan-friendly place to be. What I got from this article is that isn’t likely to change any time soon. Which sucks more.

  24. Yep. Been ordering off the website for years. I bought several caps recently during a decent promotion (I think it was 25% off) and it was 40% less than buying in person WITH the shipping charges.

    When Rogers acts as its own middle man, cut out Rogers entirely.

  25. I bought something on eBay from the States a couple of weeks ago, shipped to Southern Ontario, and got hit with the HST + handling fee at the border.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened to you if you bought from MLB.com.

  26. Well it could be worse, you could live in Europe, or Australia and have no way(other than possibly getting screwed over on eBay)

  27. that’s interesting because my experience is that the jays have bad customer service: i complained about the jays shop at the mall last year and didn’t hear back from them ever. so i’m not sure when this great customer service supposedly came into being.

  28. Nice Aritcle Parkes.

  29. I just went to Bluejays.com and clicked on shop. I was directed to a screen that gave me the option of canada or usa. I clicked USA and sure enough, prices were the same as mlb shop. The canadian site is different because prices are in CAD, not USD.

    Btw, I love going to Rogers Centre. Great place to watch a game and I have never had any bad experiences with the staff or any employees working there.

    • I hope you realize that isn’t just a straight USD to CAD conversion. It would be if this were 2007, but our currency is much more comparable these days. The Canadian link is a real screwing.

    • same here, i found out through other sources that the jays shop at the bay is actually staffed…perhaps unsurprisingly…by bay employees, not rogers/bluejays ones. still, that’s their brand they’re f’ing with, and i had to learn that on my own.

  30. i heard if you have a good job with the jays or rogers you get the family discount on tickets and gear, and people have been know to use that for their family, friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends…. all in exchange for…. you guessed it… beer

  31. Just wanted to say that the MLB price doesn’t have HST added yet, which brings the price to $166.18. If it is sent air mail (which is more expensive) the brokerage fee is included, but with land shipments, there can be a $25 brokerage fee, which would bring the total price to $191.18. With an item of this price, it is quite likely that these fees will be payable on delivery.
    Given the fact, however, that they can get the actual jerseys in the door for a few dollars each,(probably less than $10), and that we are paying huge money for the badge value, it doesn’t make sense not to have parity pricing. Plus, given the fact that there is probably less demand for a Bautista jersey than, say, a Jeter jersey, they should actually be selling them for LESS money.

  32. “Plus, given the fact that there is probably less demand for a Bautista jersey than, say, a Jeter jersey, they should actually be selling them for LESS money.”

    Actually that’s the case. At the Yankees online shop, a Jeter jersey goes for 193.99 + S&H.

  33. One other thing that is missing is, why do I a Canadian have to pay the starting price of 119.00 for a jersey and an American have to pay only 79.99.

  34. I am pretty sure the stated “International Handling Fee” is included in the MLB.com pricing as this is the customs fees. In prior years, Customs charges could vary and often times you would not have to pay these. Now larger US companies, like MLB.com and another example, Eastbay.com, includes these charges on your order upfront to ensure you know the price.

  35. You guys clearly, led by Dustin “let me pick the opposite side of everyone else” Parkes (i.e. Bautista deal was a bad one) have no idea how business models work here in Canada when compared to the US. There’s a reason most Canadian independent stores in all sectors are losing their shirts…it’s because of the discounts that American retailers receive due to large volume purchases. There are no independents in America and therefore larger volumes. Look at Costco, case in point. Parkes you need to shut up and let a business run itself like a business. You know a lot less about baseball than you try to spin up and even less about business. Stick to providing links to other reputable sources.

    • Wait, so we should consider Rogers to be a small-time Canadian company which is losing its shirt on Jays merch? Seriously? Do you really think they can’t buy in bulk if they wanted to? You don’t think they could sell it for less and still make tonnes of money? They could just subsidize any (supposed) loss with their ridiculous beer prices.

    • Thanks John for sharing your informed opinion with all of us. I trust your last name is Business, because you obviously know so much about it. So, out of respect for your vastly superior intelligence, I will refer to you as Mr. Business.

      Mr. Business, if what you say is correct, and that Jays Shop must offer higher prices in order to turn a profit, I would ask you, Mr. Business, why run the online portion of Jays Shop at all? Why not let consumers and your organization’s fan base have direct access to savings via MLB.com, rather than trying to skim a few extra bucks by over charging them?

      Thank you, again, Mr. Business, for coming all the down to this lowly blog to share your opinion. I look forward to your response, Mr. Business.

      • Are you really asking why a business would try to make money?

        • I’m asking why a business would attempt to make a little amount of money at the cost good will toward its client base.

          • If they don’t overcharge them then their profit margins will be too low. And no, they can’t buy the same volume as the States because there are 300 million less people in Canada (to give you an idea of how much volume the US can do). The more you buy in volume the better deal you can get from suppliers. I suspect most of the suppliers are headquartered in the States and therefore ship to Canada at a higher price, just like any book or piece of clothing is higher in Canada. If you don’t like that you should write a post about the economics between the two countries rather than making it appear as if one baseball organization is trying to rob people blind.

            With regards to your silly question as to why the Jays dont let people buy cheaper merchandise from mlb.com…well how will they turn a profit then? You also overlook the fact that most merchandise sales come from the stadium, when fans have already spent a bunch at the game and want to buy a cheaper shirt or baseball cap to enjoy the moment. Not many people buy an online jersey and go to more than a few games a year. At least not in this city.

            Geesus you’re so condescending and clueless at the same time. Not a good combination Mr. Parkes.

            Mr. Common Sense

            • Thanks for relaying the vast amounts of market research you’ve done on this issue, Mr. Business. Unfortunately, you’re attempting to change the topic of our initial point of conflict, likely because you tried to be an asshole and it backfired.

              I made no argument about buying from the suppliers at the same volume. Nor did I write about merchandise being purchased in any other fashion than online. My point remains that by charging customers more than MLB.com, they’re taking advantage of a lack of knowledge in their fan base. This is bad consumer relations, especially when the profits from such an endeavour likely doesn’t compare to the loss of good will with their fan base, which would lead to future profits from other avenues. If the profits from Jays Shop online merchandise sales are more significant than they’re letting on, then it’s a blatant cash grab. If it isn’t significant, then why do it?

              The Blue Jays claim that they do it to offer an improved customer experience with their fans. I don’t believe that to be the case. And thus, this post.

  36. Is it still cheaper to buy the same jersey at the stadium? or is it the same price as the online Jays Shop?

  37. You think thats bad, 2 years ago I went to buy a Jays jacket from MLB.com on boxing day and got 40% off and free shipping. At Jays Shop, no sale, no free shipping, NADA. I have known about this for a while and although you can get a ding from Customs, it does happen, I NEVER order from the Jay Shop anymore.

    • i can’t believe they let the jerseys in the back area sit there so long that they get totally dirt stained, have players like Rios that haven’t even played here for years, and they still want to charge like $80 for them.

  38. No mention of the 50% off SNAFU at the Jays site right before the new jersey design reveal? Multiple friends had bought hundreds of dollars of discounted merch, got the confirmation email, and days later they got emails saying that they had “oversold” and that their purchases were revoked.

    Terrible site. I’ve got a contact there I deal with for my game worn stuff, but wouldn’t buy from the site even if it were equal to MLB. Luckily I just go to the Dome and buy from the store, but if I couldn’t, I don’t know what I’d do.

  39. This is why I buy my baseball jerseys straight out of China!!!! $26 bucks plus a flat rate of $40 shipping no matter how many you order.

    C2CJersey is fantastic – every detail matches those sold in the Dome. Selection is a little scarce but email them enough and they will add what you want (that’s how I got them to get Bautisa and Lawrie on there ;) )

    • The PM is in china sucking up when they’re making money on North American IP like this, and Vic Toews is trying to cram through laws by labelling file-sharers “child pornographers”.

  40. What I don’t understand is why the replica Bautista jersey will cost $150 at the Jays Shop while you can get the EXACT same replica jersey for only $120 at Champs on Yonge St?

  41. I was gifted a brand spanking new Jays replica jersey for Xmas (maple dick Lawrie!) but it was the wrong size. It was purchased from the Jays Shop at Sears. I was surprised when I went to return it and they had no Lawrie jerseys in stock in large and they had no idea when they might be coming in. How the hell do you not have a size large Lawrie jersey in white at all times? So I took it to the Jays store at the Rogers Centre and low and behold they had none of them in stock either! They were nice enough to give me an extension on the 30 day return policy but wtf.

  42. From the Jays website:

    Jays Shop Discount
    Save 20% on official Toronto Blue Jays merchandise with your Season Ticket Holder Benefit Card.

    Put a 20% discount on the Jays Shop jersey above and it will be approximately the same price as the one from MLB.com

  43. Related, I was in San Diego in September and a family member wanted one of those camoflauge jerseys. Online on the MLB Shop site they were on sale for around $130, off from $260. I went to the store at the stadium, and there they are at $260. I showed them the webpage and asked if they could match the price.

    Nope, and then they went into a 2 minute nonsensical rant on the poor customer service on MLB.com and shitting all over MLB in general and how I should buy from them. Piss off. I put away the other things I was going to buy and walked out.

    I went to a local sports store in SD, and they didn”t have any, but told them the story, and they looked it up in their computer to see if any other of the chain had them, and the cost to them was $110, and were selling it for $200 regular price. So the physical store Padres offical store was marking up over what licensed retailers were selling them for and then pissing on MLB for charging lower.

    Bottom line, I think the team’s physical stores or non MLB online stores have to buy from MLB like any other sports store. To pay for the extra overhead and other poor business and marketing practices they engage in, they inflate the prices, gouge the unsuspecting, and then throw their hands up in the air or get downright nasty and blame everyone but themselves when someone brings up why prices don’t match to the MLB shop.

    Either way, fucking bush. Online shopping is the way to go for a lot of things, hopefully this article either changes the ays Store online and/or pushes fans to shop at MLB.com and allow the Jays online store to circle the drain like the Padres physical shop will be if they don’t smarten up and get with the 2000′s.

  44. Is it in fact the exact same jersey, or is the name and number package at the jays shop included in the price? Dont run your mouth on something you half assed investigated. And the reason they are sold out of every size except small, its the new jersey and they cant keep it in. I bet its not exactly mlb.com s top seller. I dont work for the jays, but i work in the industry and there are tons of people who think they are getting the same product when in fact its not the identical item, exchange rate or not. Nhl.com and team stores have e same issue. All i ask is that you dont type something for the sake of being heard.

  45. I ordered a new replica romero jersey from the american jays shop. it only cost $99.99, but with tax and shipping/duties, it came out to just under $130. out of curiosity, i went to the canadian jays shop, added a replica bautista jersey to my cart (they don’t sell romero on the canadian site yet) and proceeded to check out. i closed the page before i had to enter my credit card info and such, but the final total for the jersey came out to about $180. the jersey itself cost $150, and shipping/handling/tax cost $30. it is definitely cheaper to buy from american mlb.com. i feel betrayed because the only canadian franchise is treating their canadian fans worse, and if they keep this up, their already small fan base will disappear.

    • btw, both the jerseys were the same – alternate replica jerseys. the only difference was that one was romero and the other was bautista. they were not selling romero jerseys on the canadian site yet, only bautista ones, so i used that for my experiment. i’m assuming that romero and bautista jerseys usually cost the came, and i think that that’s a pretty safe assumption.

  46. In February ’11, I placed an order from the American MLB.com shop for a 59/50 cap and a player t-shirt (yes, I collect jersey shirts because I am too poor to collect authentic jerseys..sue me). There was a 25% off sale, and my order came to $67.60 CAD with taxes, duty and delivery included. I placed the same order last month from JaysShop and it came to $88.84 CAD all included.

    Keep in mind that my comparison is sort of apples to oranges, as I’m comparing sale price items to regular price items, but there’s still a definite price difference. However, the international shipping from MLB.com was the worst customer service experience I think I’ve ever had. I identified myself as a Canadian and paid the international shipping fee, but I don’t think the parcel was labelled as an international package when it was given to USPS. The tracking number I was sent didn’t work, and the package didn’t come in the 7-10 business days specified on the website. I gave it two weeks before calling customer service to see if they could at least give me a valid tracking number; they could not. Worst of all, they couldn’t tell me where the package was after numerous calls/emails. After about 5 weeks, I received a second invoice from MLB.com for 2 cents…apparently the parcel had been turned back at customs and they had to send it again. It took 7 weeks to get the parcel from the time I placed the order, and at no time did I have a valid tracking number. The Jays Shop order I had in hand on the 8th business day after placing it. It sounds like my experience is the exception rather than the rule, but still, reliable shipping is probably worth $20 for me.

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