It is a good thing for John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus, actually pictured above, that books are not judged by their covers. If I was going to judge someone by their appearance, I would expect a guy who looks like John to say something exactly like this about A.J. Burnett:

The biggest surprise, though, was them saying Burnett would be a good influence on the Pirates’ young pitchers, especially in light of his tattoos and one-time penchant for nipple rings. It goes to show you that you can’t always judge someone by their appearance.

Which is weird, because that is a quote from Perrotto’s On the Beat BP post from this afternoon.

Good thing I know Perrotto by his reputation, as a good reporter and solid baseball man through and through. It would be unfortunate to get caught up thinking about him any other way after a strange and baseless comment tossed onto a listicle.

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  1. Brutal stache bro, just brutal…

    Don’t let it hang over the lip!

  2. Here’s a better one. Mike Newman (whoever he is) is having a prospect chat right now at Fan Graphs. That would be here. This guy starts by dismissing Marisnick’s prospect status as he was “too old” for his level.
    I had at him, he didn’t answer, Perhaps I was snarky. I’d love to see the knowledgeable and much snarkier peeps on this site drop in and explain that unless high A and AA have an average age of 17, he may wanna rethink it before I throw up in my mouth again.

    • Saying a guy is too old for his level is not uncommon, and Marisnick did repeat low-A. But he is still very young for that level. That is more “off-base” than “weirdly conservative and out of touch” like our boy JP.

    • Additionally: if you are going to “use quotes” to “put words in a guy’s mouth”, next time try “using his actual words” which were “not young.” The difference is subtle but key, I think.

  3. Nipple piercings are the new inefficiency.

  4. Nipple piercingly and tattoos. I wouldn’t let him near my daughters.

  5. Based on that picture I would be much less likely to let John Perrotto near my daughter than AJ Burnett.

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