Last time we checked in on Evan Longoria, he was calling out sports business urchin Darren Rovell for his unsavoury comments about some Playboy playmates. We lauded Longoria for taking a stance against nerds like Rovell.

Turns out Longoria has something of an ulterior motive as his girlfriend just happens to be a Playboy Playmate in her own right, Ms. Jaime Edmondson of “taking her clothes off for money” fame (She also writes about fantasy football for the venerable men’s magazine, to be fair.) Edmondson kept up the family (exclusivvvvvve!) tradition of dumping on Rovell when he embarassed himself in front of SI cover girl Kate Upton.

Edmondson tweets about/at Longoria with regularity and they attended a hockey game in Tampa Bay this week, in addition to visiting the Animal Kingdom as evidenced above. Which is exciting because it means Longoria is back in Central Florida because baseball starts soon so I can write about literally anything else.

Hat Tip to and the football bloggers I sit beside.