Earlier this off season, we learned that Texas Rangers reliever Koji Uehara used his no trade clause to block a trade that would have sent him to the Toronto Blue Jays.

At the time, I presumed that Uehara vetoed the deal as a means of avoiding  a bro on bro arm blast between himself and Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie that would’ve resulted in the violent destruction of the earth as we know it.

It ends up: not so much. T.R. Sullivan caught up with Uehara at the Rangers Spring Training facilities to ask him why Toronto would be one of six teams on his no trade list.

The weather is an issue. I also know how hard it is to compete in that division.

Uehara’s justification is an odd one considering that a) the Blue Jays play in a domed stadium in Toronto where average temperatures and precipitation in the summer compare favourably to most other cities in North America; and b) the Japanese pitcher has been pushing for a move back to the Baltimore Orioles who play in the exact same division as the Toronto Blue Jays.

Clearly, Uehara has never seen this: