Earlier this off season, we learned that Texas Rangers reliever Koji Uehara used his no trade clause to block a trade that would have sent him to the Toronto Blue Jays.

At the time, I presumed that Uehara vetoed the deal as a means of avoiding  a bro on bro arm blast between himself and Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie that would’ve resulted in the violent destruction of the earth as we know it.

It ends up: not so much. T.R. Sullivan caught up with Uehara at the Rangers Spring Training facilities to ask him why Toronto would be one of six teams on his no trade list.

The weather is an issue. I also know how hard it is to compete in that division.

Uehara’s justification is an odd one considering that a) the Blue Jays play in a domed stadium in Toronto where average temperatures and precipitation in the summer compare favourably to most other cities in North America; and b) the Japanese pitcher has been pushing for a move back to the Baltimore Orioles who play in the exact same division as the Toronto Blue Jays.

Clearly, Uehara has never seen this:

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  1. If he doesn’t want to come here he should just come out here and say it. Some people are praising Uehara for his honesty which would be awesome if he didn’t dodge it with his “weather” excuse.

    Uehara is an afterthought now since many (educated) Jays fans read/felt that the Jays weren’t a real option for him.

  2. Average daytime highs for each month of baseball season (Apr / May / Jun / Jul / Aug / Sep) in degrees Celsius:

    Toronto in 2011, as per the National Climate Data and Information Archive:
    Apr— May—Jun—-Jul—-Aug—-Sep
    11.8 – 18.5 – 24.2 – 30.1 – 27.2 – 22.3

    Seattle (average)
    14.5 – 17.9 – 20.9 – 24.2 – 24.4 – 21.2

    Milwaukee (average)
    12.1 – 18.3 – 24.1 – 26.7 – 25.8 0- 21.8

    Boston (average)
    13.4 – 19.1 – 24.7 – 27.7 – 26.7 – 22.7

    New York (average)
    16.7 – 22.0 – 26.7 – 29.4 – 28.6 – 24.4

    • Hey now, so what if Uehara is no fan of facts? They’re elitist. Constantly telling us what is or isn’t true, or what did or didn’t happen. Who’s the Weather Channel to tell him the summer weather in Toronto is warmer than many US cities? If he wants to say it’s colder in Toronto, that’s his right. He doesn’t trust reference material. They’re all fact, no heart.

    • That was necessary, except you forgot Baltimore.

    • Temperature is one thing. Precipitation and humidity may be more of a factor for him.

      Also, Toronto is probably leading Baltimore in the Smells-Like-Garbage department during the summer months.

      • If watching The Wire has taught me anything, it’s that Baltimore smells like it looks.

      • Yeah, all that notorious Toronto precipitation (?) sure makes it hard to pitch, in a dome.

        • You realize he and is family have to live in or around where he plays, right? He doesn’t just materialize in uniform prior to game time.

          • All the more reason to avoid Baltimore. There’s like six square blocks in the city proper where wealthy people can live, play, and avoid sheets of gun fire and open-air drug markets. And a wealthy Japanese guy? Pretty sure he’s breaking new ground in Bodymore. He’s an urban pioneer, that must be it.

          • Do you have evidence to support this wild claim?

          • I watched the Wire too!

          • Alright Braino, since you’re really pushing it now, I looked it up and Baltimore has 42 inches of rain a year compared to 28 inches in Toronto. It’s also more humid than Toronto.

            I mean, what are you even looking for? It’s pretty clear he used weather as a bullshit excuse and has barely ever been to Toronto.

      • I heard he prefers a higher humidity and with more precipitation. It’s all starting to come together. Thanks for the leg work!

  3. “I presumed that Uehara vetoed the deal as a means of avoiding a bro on bro arm blast between himself and Blue Jays third baseman Brett Lawrie that would’ve resulted in the violent destruction of the earth as we know it.”


  4. Isn’t the issue with Baltimore that he has his family there? If that’s the case I think he can be forgiven a little bit for saying he doesn’t want to pitch for an AL East also-ran unless it’s where his family lives.

  5. Did anyone else notice the company name on that building wall around the 10 second mark?

    Obviously Ontario is filled with homophobes.

  6. He said it is “an” issue, let’s not get so sensitive and pretend it is the only reason.

  7. How hilarious is that video – within 20 seconds it shows FAG, a Ford Truck plant that no longer exists, a disgraced bio-tech company, a Canadian manufacturing company that has begun to operate mainly in China, a Steel Company now owned by Indian holdings, a telecom that was one of the worst IPOs of last year, and a Danish owned components manufacturer that barely operates in Canada.

    It seems like the use of the flute in this video may have actually killed Ontario’s manufacturing sector.

    • Remember when the provincial Liberals were first elected on a platform that promised investment in the manufacturing sector, most notably automotive? Way to look ahead. Thank god, they also understood importance of R&D.

  8. I dare you to find a 1970s PSA that does not feature flute music.

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