When Theo Epstein left his position as General Manager of the Boston Red Sox to become the President of the Chicago Cubs, it was believed that the small matter of compensation for the move would be settled quickly and easily between the two parties.

Unfortunately, the process dragged on. And on. And on some more, until Major League Baseball had to get involved.

Months later it’s been decided that 26 year old right handed reliever Chris Carpenter will be switching organizations, along with a player to be named later swapped for a different player to be named later (because who doesn’t enjoy further complications?), in order to settle the matter.

All that negotiating. All that time dealing with questions from the press. All for a control lacking pitcher who has walked almost 15% of the 47 batters he’s faced in his Major League career to date.

In terms of attention to importance ratio, this was the Rule V draft of compensation transactions.