Today In Unnecessary Lawsuits

When I was a kid, I thought that the term “lawsuit” referred to the robes that judges would wear in courtroom scenes on television.

Today, we learn from Sport In Law via HardBall Talk that there exist some fully grown and developed individuals on this planet whose understanding of what constitutes a lawsuit isn’t a whole lot more developed than my childish definition.

Omeranz & Landsma Corporation is suing the Miami Marlins Baseball Club, claiming it bought the team at a public auction in 2008. The plaintiff claims it attended the Fourth Annual Awards Banquet at Diplomat County Club and Spa in Hallandale Beach, Florida on February 8th 2008. Allegedly, a major component of the banquet was an auction. David Samson, President of the now Miami Marlins (it was the Florida Marlins at that point-in-time), was the auctioneer at the event. According to the suit, the Marlins were offered for sale with bids starting at ten million dollars. Omeranz & Landsma claim they made the only bid and a bidding contract was created.

I don’t think I’m reading too much into things by assuming that the auctioning off of the Marlins was done in jest. I just hope that common sense can prevail and the no-humoured opportunists suing the baseball team don’t profit from their actions at all.