Carlos Beltran: A Man Of His Word

The story goes something like this: While still with the New York Mets, outfielder Carlos Beltran (who along with Ichiro (!) and Madison Bumgarner form the Getting Blanked favourite player holy triumvirate) encouraged pitcher Jon Niese to get a nose job, even offering the minimum waged player to pick up the tab for the procedure that would help his breathing. Before Niese could accept the generous offer from his teammate, Beltran was shipped out to the San Francisco Giants.

While Beltran balks at the idea that he’d encourage anyone to undergo cosmetic surgery, he did receive the bill for Niese’s off season surgery and plans to honour his promise.

He ended up doing it, and I have to pay for it. I’ve waited to go there and give it to him personally.

It should be noted that Niese’s need for rhinoplasty had just as much to do with his appearance as it did to assist his breathing.

Nonetheless, that didn’t stop the Beltran hating community from voicing their own ugly opinions in the HardBall Talk comment section.

Here’s the new and improved Niese: