Spring Dispatches

Spring training, before the games start, is a weird time. Lots of little stories and anecdotes trickle out as the days go on. Rather than drop each and every factoid into its own post like some kind of SEO hoarding traffic monger, let’s dump a few into a single, easily digestible post. Everybody wins.

Yu Darvish Showed Up

Yu Darvish showed up and threw a some pitches. Lots of people stood around and watched. Many photos (of varying quality) were taken. He didn’t die. A successful day all around, mostly because bloggers now have new photos of Darvish to drop into their myriad Yu Darvish posts. It’s the little things.

Cole Hamels Spoke Up

Burn! Cole Hamels, who becomes a free agent at season’s end, apparently has little interest in joining the team geographically associated with the place he grew up. Padres fans are understandably upset, claiming they wouldn’t want him on the Padres anyway. Which makes sense, why watch one of the top pitchers in the game when your ballpark turns any old corpse into 1999 Pedro Martinez?

The Tribe will Wear Tiny Mics, Massive American Flags

The MLB Network are doing something inventive with some Spring Training broadcasts, wiring players for sound to provide a unique game experience. Per a MLBN press release:

In cooperation with the Major League Baseball Players Association, up to as many as six players on each team will wear live microphones during the game. Coaching staff will also wear live microphones throughout the game and live microphones will be positioned at each base, down the first- and third-base lines and along the outfield wall, producing in-game audio content on a scale that has not previously been done.

What could possibly go wrong? Judging by the political leanings and interests of some members of the Tribe, plenty.

Bobby Jenks had a Crappy Winter

Any time you leak spinal fluid after a botched back surgery, it is safe to assume you’ve had better days. Sure, his season is in jeopardy and, by extension, his career is in doubt. But hey, at least he is no longer leaking spinal fluid from a surgical incision.

Ichiro! Evolved

Geoff Baker provides video of Ichiro! taking batting practice, putting his new, wider stance to good use.

Can’t Beat the Heat

Judging by Twitter, just about every single baseball player in Florida is going to watch tonight’s Heat/Knicks game in Miami. Mike Stanton and Logan Morrison get to sit courtside with their boss’ boss’ boss, team owner Jeffrey Loria. Assuming they can both control their impulses to punch him in the liver, I feel badly for whoever has to sit behind Mike Stanton at a basketball game.