From our good friend Bill Baer at Crashburn Alley comes this amazing video on Steve Carlton’s slider. Why is it amazing? One quote:

“I hold it like this and I throw the shit out of it.”

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  1. Carlton’s HOF plaque should consist of two things:

    1. An iPad showing continual highlights of that slider.

    2. The stat line from 1972, AKA “the hands-down, no-dispute, greatest season by a pitcher in the reasonably modern era, ever.”*

    * – Yes, I know Gooden had a higher WAR in 1985 but that was supplemented by being a good hitter. Carlton’s performance *as a pitcher* was indisputably better.

    • Stevie wasn’t too shabby with the bat that year either. I think the difference is all in the innings. Goody has about an 11 WAR over 250 innings while Stevie has about 12 WAR for 350 innings. Goody was more efficient, but Stevie was more durable. 41 starts!!! Was that a 4 man rotation year?

      • Yeah, I read that the Phils were so awful that they used him as a pinch hitter a few times.

        Carlton’s 41 starts were pretty nuts – the next-highest player on the team had 23. Baseball-Reference classifies Wayne Twitchell as a relief pitcher, but he made 15 starts that year. Of course, it wasn’t just the sheer number of starts – he threw a mind-boggling 30 complete games.

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