Ryan Braun Addressed The Media

I’d bet my life this substance never entered my body at any point.

Watching Ryan Braun’s press conference after the successful appeal of his 50 game suspension from Major League Baseball, I feel it is safe to say that he is either completely innocent, or a liar worthy of a future in politics, or at the very least used car sales.

During his address and the subsequent question and answer period with the media, Braun was open, upfront and seemingly honest with pronouncements like:

I’m innocent. I’ve maintained my innocence from day one. And now, I’ve been proven to be innocent.

Braun’s words, cadence and delivery reminded me of two things: 1) The way that Frank Thomas has never been accused of using PEDs because of his being so adamant that not only has he never done them, but that to do so would be cheating; and 2) when Roger Clemens spoke before members of Congress during The Mitchell Report hearings.

The confidence and matter-of-fact nature with which Braun spoke was reminiscent of The Big Hurt’s stance. And while such things as reactions are obviously circumstantial, the Milwaukee Brewers’ outfielders’ was as convincing as it possibly could be for me. In this way, it was the exact opposite of Clemens’ past testimony, which seemed shaky, inaccurate and exceedingly questionable.

Once again, that’s entirely my own opinion.

It must be said though, that given the firmness of Braun’s presentation today, if it is indeed found out that he did use performance enhancing drugs prior to the disputed test, the National League MVP will most likely face the largest backlash for his actions since backs and lashes were first combined to wreak punishment.