This glorious image of Brett Lawrie — coming courtesy of the good people at Reuters — shows the intense gaze of the Blue Jays starting third baseman. Like Jays fan LJ said on twitter, this image is calling out for a good photoshopping. I agree.

Sadly, I’m unable to provide a “good” photoshopping so I provided poor ones instead. Hit the jump to see them or create your own and send them along. I’m sure many of you can do much, much better than I.

Oscar day! There is a whole lot of “I left cab fare on the dresser” represented in this photo.

No, Brett. You aren’t going crazy. This movie doesn’t have any dialogue. At all! Paul Walker’s dream role, amirite?

Brett Lawrie does some advanced scouting, checking out the newest Rangers hurler. Can he top Brett’s 2.7 fWAR? Naaaaaahhhhhh buddy.

Speaking of advanced scouting, Brett Lawrie doesn’t want to see any pipelines rolling through Langley. Got his eye on Barry O, make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

Alright, Getting Blankards. Do your worst. I’m as bad at comedy as I am at photoshop (, if you must know) so you can all surely do better. Let’s see them!

Update: From @Noah_Sherman comes Bros in Space.

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  1. Hey Drew, give yourself some credit; this is far from mailing it in.

  2. No bed intruder? Someone fix this now.

    Shut up, bed intruder is so still funny.

  3. Thought they were pretty good. The image has so much potential I can’t wait to see what those who actually have skill with the Photoshop (unlike myself) do with it.

    On a side note the season can not start soon enough with the focus of this blog tuning to good photoshopping and thumbgate (travis, i know you posted a picture but i still dont think she has a left thumb).

  4. It’s Brett Lawrie starting at Brett Lawrie starting back at Brett Lawrie … wait, is that even possible?

  5. He looks like the guy from home improvement that you never saw his face. The guy Tim Allen always talks to over the fence, he is there neighbour…

  6. The Yu Darvish wins everything!

    In lieu of the Oscars, I’ll be watching The Walking Dougie

  7. “Goddamnit, not another media training day…”

  8. Brett Lawrie behind the World Trade Center. Do it.

  9. Just thought I’d let you getting blanked idiots know… Praising each other makes you look like total morons and clowns. These uderlings like travis etc. Licking parkes’ balls is really pathetic, and parkes’ “this guy nailed it” bullshit while posting a link to his own blog is pathetic. Fuck off with that shit already. Your opinions of your own work and those of your cronies doesn’t mean shit. Clowns. Just post the link and your audience can decide whether or not praise is due. None of you fools have a clue.

  10. I thought this was pretty funny..

    And I don’t know Parkes or Drew personally…
    But based on what I have read from them, they seem above praising themselves through fake accounts…

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