Giancarlo Is The New Mike Stanton

I’m led to believe that it’s more than mere coincidence that the name “Giancarlo” and “giant” share the first four letters of their respective spellings.

Miami Marlins outfielder Mike Stanton has recently informed us that his birth name is actually Giancarlo Cruz Michael Stanton and the mammoth home run slugger would like for us to now refer to him by his first given name. I doubt he’ll receive many complaints over this request.

It seems that the change was the result of official documentation already referring to him by his new to us name, as well as the increasing number of teammates who have begun calling him Gincarlo.

That’s not all according to Stanton:

Everything. Cruz. Giancarlo, Mike, Mikey, Big Mike, Big Foot, Bam-bam. Man-Child. I respond to 25 different names.

While there’s little doubt that Giancarlo is a far cooler sounding name than Mike, I think Marlins catcher John Buck has the right idea:

I told him he needs to have longer hair. ‘When I think of Giancarlo, I think of someone with long, flowing hair, like Fabio. But if he keeps hitting homers, I’ll call him whatever he wants me to call him.