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Rehire Joe Morgan

Poking around on Baseball Reference and Fangraphs is essentially my job. If I’m working on a post, looking to make lazy/easy/reckless comparisons, or mining for post ideas; it is a great way to breakout of the tiresome news cycle.

Like most people, I’m a slave for the now. Whatever just happened was likely the “Best ____ Ever” and this modern guy is the best to play the game. If we didn’t see it, it didn’t happen. Eras change and players from antiquity stand little chance against the modern cyborgs of physical fitness.

Thanks to advancements in statistics, it is now easier to compare players from different eras. Rather than line up raw numbers, we can adjust for times or use tools that compare players to the best of their day. This helps narrow-minded types like myself appreciate those who came before.

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Baseball’s Leapin’ Logos

It’s February 29th, otherwise known as “Leap Day” despite the fact that leap years are the only years to NOT leap over any days.  Seems wrong-ways-round to me, but then again I’m not a calendar expert and I wasn’t signed on to write posts about such things.

Let us celebrate Leap Day by taking this once-every-four-years opportunity to look at baseball’s leaping logos starting with the best source of logos, the Minors…

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To hear some folks tell it, Bryce Harper is the devil. A swaggering superego coated in eye black, the manchild who fast tracked his way to millions by skipping over considerable portions of the high school and college experience. A boy with a chance to make a Major League club at the age of 20 who still has a lot of growing up to do.

While all those things are inevitably true, it seems Bryce Harper knows a thing or two about baseball history, too! Which is surprising enough in its own right, I suppose.

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Our friend Andrew Stoeten at DJF relays some information from a recent article by ESPN’s Jayson Stark which claims that the Toronto Blue Jays would be interested in adding a veteran right handed bat to their Spring Training roster. GM Alex Anthopoulos cleared up any misconceptions about what would hold the team’s interest.

If someone were to say, “I want to come in to camp on a minor league deal,” we’d say we’re open to pretty much anybody. But in terms of adding a free agent on a guaranteed contract, we won’t be doing that.

As we inch closer and closer to real fake games being played, the list of leftover free agents become less and less likely to find themselves signing deals for guaranteed money. So, news that teams would be willing to take advantage of a jobless veteran’s desperation is hardly surprising.

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The Chicago White Sox are one of the weirdest teams in baseball. They are very old yet in the middle of a sort of rebuild, I guess? They have one of the highest payrolls in baseball to go with the worst minor league system going. They lost their crazy/successful manager and hired a man with no experience at any level. They could 89 games or they could win 75. Who knows! New headman Robin Ventura is going to do what he can to extract the most out of his motley bunch of misfits, starting with a big time shake-up in the outfield.

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Tim Byrdak is Hulk Hogan

We mentioned yesterday that one of the least talked about signings of the off season was the St. Louis Cardinals’ acquisition of Sgt. Slaughter. Not to be outdone on a potential market efficiency, the New York Mets extended a Spring Training invite to Hulk Hogan.

A tag into the ring to Jonah Keri for bringing the video to our attention.

The Sample Collector Speaks

Get paid. Get Money.Drew Olson of ESPN Wisconsin brings us a statement from Dino Laurenzi Jr. who collected and stored the sample from Ryan Braun’s much disputed drug test.

Laurenzi lays out a well articulated defense of himself, opening his statement by quoting Braun’s reference to the “suspicious” collection process from the slugger’s recent press conference and then informing us of the resulting release of his name by the media. From there, he lists his qualifications and accounts for the process that came under fire in Braun’s appeal.

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