Update: Burnett Requires Surgery

Yesterday, I wrote about what seemed like a funny occurrence at Pittsburgh Pirates camp when A.J. Burnett bunted a baseball into his own face. Unfortunately for Burnett and the Pirates, the bunting drill mishap has become a little more serious than was first anticipated.

Immediately following the incident, Burnett went to Pittsburgh to be examined by team doctors. They diagnosed the starting right hander with a fractured orbital bone and scheduled him for surgery tomorrow.

We haven’t received any word on how long he might be out for, but the injury is disappointing news for not only the Pirates, but also Burnett, who must have been looking forward to facing NL Central competition after six years in the AL East.

Comments (7)

  1. You might say he didn’t keep his…. eye on the prize!


  2. He should probably track down the bat he used… and Burnett!


  3. You could almost say he may never see in 3D…ever again!


  4. I choose to go with another pop culture reference and hope that he’s going to come back wearing the Undertaker’s Phantom of the Opera mask from 1995.

  5. Now he can get the same cyborg eye as Roy Halladay.

  6. It’s all fun and games… until someone loses an eye.


  7. Maybe it was intentional so he has to wear an eyepatch to fit in with the Pirates.

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