It’s Friday. There isn’t a whole lot of news out there this morning. At least nothing with which I have enough of an opinion about to write more than a couple of sentences about. Therefore, here are a bunch of links to stuff about baseball. Now with sarcastic comments. Word to your mother.

Stephen Drew acknowledges that he may miss the start of the season. The Arizona Diamondbacks acknowledged this a long time ago when they signed BOTH John McDonald and Willie Bloomquist … to two year contracts! []

Center fielder Shane Victorino would like the Philadelphia Phillies to offer him a five year contract. Perhaps he should ask Jimmy Rollins how such requests worked out for him. [Comcast Sportsnet Philadelphia]

I think Baseball Think Factory put it best when they sent out this link: “Hang on until 0:29, and then just hang on.” [RETRONTARIO]

Jason Varitek made his retirement official last night. [Over The Monster]

I couldn’t get Tom Petty’s Learning T0 Fly out of my head while reading this article on Toronto Blue Jays pitching project Kyle Drabek. [National Post]

Salvador Perez and the most fascinating contract in baseball. [Baseball Nation]

Au revoir to the editor in chief of a certain little baseball website. [Baseball Prospectus]

Tampa Bay Rays’ third baseman Evan Longoria was hit in the hand during an intrasquad game by pitcher Matt Bush. Does anyone know who that is?  [Tampa Bay Online]

Expanded playoffs are official, says official. []

This is rare: A realistic opinion on Jairo Beras from Texas Rangers supporters. [Baseball Time In Arlington]

We get it already. Incoming Houston Astros GM is maybe trying a bit too hard to make himself our favourite GM in baseball. [Twitter]