And you thought Elijah Dukes had trouble with the law . . .

Former New York Mets and Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra was sentenced today to three years in prison after Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Cynthia Ulfig refused to allow him to withdraw a no-contest plea.

The charges were for a grand theft auto case in which Dykstra and two co-defendants were accused of leasing high end automobiles with credit from phony businesses before reselling the vehicles. Police reportedly found cocaine, ecstasy and synthetic human growth hormone at Dykstra’s home when they arrested him on these charges last April.

In addition, Dykstra is scheduled to go to trial again this summer on separate federal bankruptcy charges. He’s also recently pleaded not guilty to indecent exposure charges after allegedly exposing himself to women he met through Craigslist.

He’s sort of like Jose Canseco, but more evocative of fear than pity


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  1. 5 years ago this guy was held up as the beacon of post-baseball “success”.


  2. He sure can pick a snack though.

  3. He also looks like he’s morphing into Bud Selig.

  4. He looks like my crazy uncle.

    Don’t know what Dykstra is going to do, the penitentiary doesn’t have the strawberry flavoured twirl bands.

  5. wow ………….. how the mighty have fallen ………… from world series winner to 3 years in the clink i hope he put some money away for a bodyguard for jail

  6. He was Madoff light – he was running an investment portfolio for professional althletes which he claim all sorts of claims of high returns, it had all the flash and none of the returns. He was horrible to his employees.

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