Anything You Can Do . . .

I really want to hate MLB 12: The Show. This is mainly due to MLB 2K12 sending us review copies of their game, while MLB 12: The Show didn’t even respond to our emails. Nonetheless, it’s pretty hard not to call this commercial fantastic.

Earlier today, I linked to MLB 2k12′s latest commercial.

Comments (9)

  1. That is an awesome commercial.

  2. I was with it right up until the guy was crying at a videogame.

  3. I prefer Kate Upton’s porno actress delivery with Justin Verlander.

  4. Awesome. I guess after 100+ years there’s no more self jinxing.

  5. No Kevin Butler :(

  6. Is that the US version joey bats is on.the cover of? Or is this the Canadian promo?

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