The Dropkick Murphys are a fun band if you sort of like boozy punk rock or really like booze and don’t mind gross Irish American stereotypes. The Dropkicks were once just another band from Boston, playing Warped Tours and trying to sell records like every other band.

Then the collective professional sports franchises become unimaginably successful. And the Dropkick Murphys spied an opportunity.

The Dropkick Murphys quickly attached themselves to the Boston Red Sox, writing song after song with Lansdowne Street pre-gaming in mind. They didn’t hesitate glomming onto the Boston Bruins, ensure Bostonians of all stripe have familiar songs to sing.

No player is associated as closely with DKM than former Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon, he of the “Shipping Up to Boston” walk-out music. At least, that was his music.

Papelbon, of course, signed with the Phillies this off-season for approximately eleventy billion dollars. Which is all well and good, can’t knock the hustle. The band doesn’t harbour any ill will towards Paps, he remains a spokeperson for the band’s charity The Claddagh Fund. They only have one thing for the former Red Sox reliever: he has to change his music. The Murphys decree it.

“He can’t use ‘Shipping Up To Boston,’” [Murphys' lead singer Ken] Casey said. “That’s a Boston song. One of the Philadelphia radio guys suggested ‘Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya.’”

“And I have to get with the new Sox closer [Andrew Bailey] to let him know he can use ‘Shipping Up To Boston,’” Casey adds. “That’s not Pap’s song. That’s the closer’s song.”

That’s the closer’s song! Whether Bailey wants to use it or not, that is his new music. No pressure, just follow the act of one of baseball’s best closers for the past six years by mimicking his act as closely as possible!

The Murphys played two shows at Fenway Park in August and now have a live record to show for it, which you can buy if you are so inclined. They are also releasing a limited edition 7″ picture disc on Bridge Nine records, which is pretty cool if you ask me (you didn’t.) It has a baseball on it, what more could you want? What’s that? Better songs? Sorry, can’t help you.