This isn’t the first time the ugly comparison of Kosuke Fukudome and Ichiro surfaced here on Getting Blanked. They aren’t really the same player but they have enough similarities (no power, Japanese) that the comparisons are inevitable.

It seems Adam Dunn can’t resist drawing connections between the two veteran outfielders either, as he tapped into the Ichiro lore before an intrasquad game this weekend.

One of Ichiro’s lasting legacies is his famous All Star game motivational speech, in which the normally quiet Japanese superstar explodes from his locker for a profanity-laced tirade assailing the opponents and questioning their manhood.

With Team Dunn ready to battle Team Sale, the enormous slugger (in a former life) produced Fukudome as his “secret motivational speaker” leading to much hooting and/or hollering.

Sale heard players, who surrounded Fukudome in short left field, getting fired up while he was warming up.

“I heard it was Fukudome. He went out there and got the guys pumped up,” he said. “It was awesome. I was out there throwing and they were screaming and cheering and I was warming up and missing everything.”

Getting fired up for an intrasquad scrimmage likely takes some doing, but here Dunn managed to get it done. Imaging Fukudome cursing and carrying on in Japanese while his teammates bark along is a pretty funny mental image, if you ask me.

Sadly, the sceptic in me worries about the precedent set here. God only knows the “foreign=funny” equation means three months of Dunn and friends asking Fukudome how to say “boobs” in Japanese. Because he talks funny, you see.