Ed. Note: The latest information graphic from the talented Craig Robinson of Flip Flop Fly Ball does a tremendous service: separating Pete Rose the notorious crook and scam artist from Pete Rose the highly excellent ballplayer. The Wins Above Replacement are of the Fangraphs flavour.

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  1. Craig Robinson is your daddy. This is seriously awesome.

  2. Also, K/BB rate FTW

  3. Free Charlie Hustle.

  4. Also this:

    “Weeeeoooo, what a gambler”

  5. Best one yet…..by far. Awesome.

  6. Too bad he committed the only unforgivable baseball sin.

  7. Working for Marge Schott?

  8. He may have been all that but what an ahole ending that Cleveland catcher’s career in an all-star game … goes around comes around … and without Bennies how much Hustle would Charley really have had ?

  9. I really like the chart.

    It’s amazing that Rose played 1,119 games of 162 in 1985 at age 44 no less.

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