Perhaps it isn’t good to be rich, but when you are rich you can do fun stuff like buy (and customize) a Rolls Royce Ghost. Like this car, tweeted by Ricky Romero but attributed to Francisco “CoCo” Cordero.

Cordero’s career earnings top $62 million dollars over 12 years with another $4.5 owed for 2012, so this car — retailing for just under $270 000 USD — represents less than a month’s pay for the Jays setup man. The 1% man, there is no foolin’ them.

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  1. Good thing, Bobby Valentine isn’t his manager. Coco’d have to leave his whip at home.

  2. +1 :))

    I like Coco already. The man has good taste.

  3. It’s no hot rod like Roy Halladay, but that’s a pretty nice whip nonetheless.

  4. No one can deny this would look nicer in black.

  5. He’s not even close to the 1%.

  6. your not supposed to drive a car like this, your supposed to have a driver.

    if he does have a driver, then Coco has some super class. if he’s driving it himself he’s trying way too hard.

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