When the MLB Network announced it would mic up the players and coaches during a Spring Training game, we were intrigued. Then it came and went without much fanfare. If the highlight is Jason Kipnis singing an ubiquitous Adele jam (embedded below the jump), then there are no highlights indeed.

Intripid Tribe Scribe Jordan Bastian discussed the experiment with many Cleveland players, who helpfully cleaned up their language and kept private in-game conversations away from the mics, as per not-subtle direction from the higher ups. Wee? Your full link dump below the jump.

Will Johnny Damon get a job? David Schoenfield runs down the contenders for Damon’s services. [ESPN]

Jeff Karstens pitched yesterday which means one thing and one thing only. [Pittsburgh Tribune]

If I’m going to steal their shtick, I should link to the Productive Outs Prodcast, which is awesome! [Productive Outs]

The Yankees paid a strongman to perform feats of strength for the team. The beast/man broke a bat using only his hands and rolled up a frying pan like a burritto. Gotta ask the question… [NY Times]

Yu Darvish pitched yesterday, as you no doubt recall. It was great. Keith Law has some thoughts. [ESPN ($)]

ESPN Dallas has a full pitch-by-pitch breakdown. [ESPN again]

Looking at his Brooks Baseball page, we see his seven-pitch attack in living colour. [Brooks]

The Twins extended a reliever for three years and around $10 million bucks. Rejoice? [HBT]

Jeff Samardzija is on a mission. If baseball doesn’t work out, there is always dancing for nickels down by the docks. [Chicago Tribune]

Brian Roberts is battling back from concussions. He was really good for a long time, hopefully he makes the best decision for his future. [Balty Sun]

The fluffiest fluff piece to ever fluff – Miguel Cabrera and Hanley Ramirez commiserate over positional changes. [MLB.com]

Giancarlo Stanton extension? SAY IT AIN’T SO [Buster's Twitter]

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