Jonathan Papelbon is, in many ways, the perfect professional athlete. When he plays for your team, you cannot help but love him because he is just so damn good. One of the very best relief pitchers in the game today, one of the very best relief pitchers since he took over as the Red Sox closer in 2006. Papelbon racked up more than 500 strikeouts in 429 innings as a member of the Red Sox.

For opposing fans, Papelbon is the perfect foil. His excellence coupled with his, well, general nature of being make him a gigantic target for scorn. His antics — from celebratory jigs to round-mouthed faces of concentration to his glacial pace on the mound — don’t overshadow his status as a shutdown reliever, they enhance it. He is the perfect villain.

Jonathan Papelbon also seems to be on the perfect side of the “self-awareness scale” that makes him perfect fodder for columnists and, yes, the haters.

In a flagrant attempt to endear himself to Phillies fans, Papelbon took to the sports talk radio airwaves to express his fondness for his new fanbase. In doing so, he promptly alienated his former fanbase.

“The difference between Boston and Philadelphia, the Boston fans are a little bit more hysterical when it comes to the game of baseball,” Papelbon said in a radio interview with Philadelphia’s 94-WIP. “The Philly fans tend to know the game a little better, being in the National League, you know, the way the game is played. I’ve had a guy take off his prosthetic leg and throw it in the bullpen in Boston.”

To be fair to Red Sox fans, has Papelbon ever been to Philly? The fans in Philadelphia have the worst reputation in North American sports, if I recall correctly. Ever read a single thing about a Philadelphia sports team without mention of booing Santa Claus? You cannot because such a column does not exist.

Papelbon doesn’t need to pander to Phillies fans with his Spring Training words. Just show up and do you, Paps. Pitch like a lunatic, contort your face into that delightfully anus-esque pose and blow people away. The knowledgeable Phillies fans will appreciate it. Consider the quality of the starting rotation ahead of him, Papelbon will have plenty of opportunity to nail down three-run leads this season.

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Things might be a bit slow around here today. This week’s podcast guest Mr. Kristian Jack hosts his annual charity soccer event at Lamport Stadium today. I am lucky enough to take part but, with Parkes on vacation, that doesn’t leave anyone to mind the store. There are a few posts scheduled for later this morning/afternoon but other than that…tumbleweeds.

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  1. (I can’t believe I’m saying this) To Papelbon’s defense, in visiting Fenway and Philly last summer, I found the Philly fans a bit better/more knowledgeable than the Boston fans. That said, we were cheering for the Jays in Boston, something I don’t know that I would risk in Philly. It could have also been a timing thing. We were in Boston on a sunny 4th of July afternoon (lots of families?) and Philly with a 2+ hour rain delay on a Friday night (only hardcore fans).

    Also, Jays fans boo more than Phillies fans (ie every pick-off attempt by an opposing team, idiots)

    • I like the booing of pick off attempts, and step offs, catcher conferences, batters calling time out, etc. Basically, anything the other team does to get an advantage or even just get comfortable should be booed.

      Shows a fan base that’s into the game and trying to give its team every additional 2% chance to win.

    • Jays fans almost never boo the first pick-off attempt.

      Anyway, it’s fair game. Anything you can do to help shake up the other team, you do.

    • I went to a Cubs game a couple of years ago and sat beside two guys from Philly. Both of them were pleasant, somewhat dorky grad students studying Japanese (which I thought was pretty cool). When they did a little ceremony honouring the Hawks for winning the Stanley Cup, these two shot out of their seats and started with a “LET’S GO FLYERS!!!!” chant that everyone in our section and the adjacent ones heard–and of course nobody said or did anything because Cubs fans are Cubs fans. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

  2. The DFJ podcast, eh?

  3. Nice use of “anus-esque”.

  4. Man I can’t stand Papelbon. I’m beyond thrilled that he is now in the NL.

  5. Jesus fucking Christ, get over Santa Claus already.

  6. I’m still happy that I got the +1000000 from Parkes for that bit about how much time Paps has wasted of all our lives in the post about seconds / pitch.

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