This very awesome infographic comes courtesy of friend of Getting Blanked (and theScore graphics/UI maven) Brian Waddington. It is very awesome and very large. Hit the jump to see the full graphic in all its glory.

(click a couple times to enlarge)

Comments (11)

  1. Gets tiny when I click on it.

  2. I love it, but… if Jose Bautista’ blast radius is larger than Alex Rodriguez’s why is ARod’s circle so much larger than Joey Bats’?

  3. This is fantastic. Great work!

  4. the shilouetted cities were the best part! too cool!

  5. Very cool. Especially the use of the term blast radius. Cool enough that I would say that the only shame of the internet is that nobody can afford an editor.

  6. Greatest graphic ever produced for this blog. Brian Waddington is a certified gangster.

  7. Distance between bases: 90ft.

    “Eye balled” average of the height of home runs on this chart: about 100ft

    Anyone else completely blown away that they aren’t hit higher?

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